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@veganimal: "The animal movement is partly to blaim for that since the message they give in their outreach ofte portrait animals as sentient biomass as opposed to inviolable subjects." Perhaps (no particular disagreement from me if your target here are moneyed organizations with a need to appeal to a non-vegan donor base) but essentially misses the point. Mary Martin isn't PETA or HSUS or the animal movement in general. She's asking for comment on a specific piece of writing.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2011 on The Animals We Use at Animal Person
Hey Mary, everyone: A couple of things. While I don't disagree with the sentiment (or the claim as it's made), it'll be tough to sell the notion that nonhumans possess morals or culture when I use this at a table. It's a small niggle, but inevitably goes to the heart of *why* humans disconnect themselves from nonhuman sentience in the first place. I suppose it's a bit of a no-win argument, really; when I've tabled with other handouts in the past, inevitably there's at least one (usually more) person who says they only ever eat "humanely slaughtered" animals who were "humanely raised." Relying on suffering alone isn't enough, but suffering is *all* folks tend to pay attention to. The idea that nonhumans are anything more than automatons with a capacity for pain sensation tends to be too large a leap for folks to take, at least within the context of doing a table and handing them something to read. On a related note, I wonder if it's worth noting some specifics around the myths of humane marketing? We're really (REALLY) fond of telling ourselves that oodles of the animals we use have been treated "humanely" (which we're all aware is largely marketing, and largely a myth, but a darned persistent one) thereby rendering use a moot question.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2011 on The Animals We Use at Animal Person
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