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That's islam for you. All take, no give. It demands respect and gives none. Which is why I have zero respect for it, nor any respect for any of it's adherents who do not unequivocally denounce terrorism and sharia law trumping civil law. Which is what, about a dozen?
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
Oh, it goes both ways. I have just as much respect for islam as islam has for Catholicism. They start respecting my religion and allowing Churches in their lands, I will reciprocate and not object to mosques here. Until them, F- islam. I have no respect for it.
Liberals interpret the First Amendment as protecting all speech and expression that is offensive to conservatives, Judeo-Christians, and those who revere the founding principles of this country. Any expression that offends liberals, or their allies of opportunity (islam) is NOT covered by the first amendment. Sad to say, there are many judges on the federal bench who will interpret it this way.
Oh, I plan to draw a "motoon" on 5/20. It will be a stick figure, but it will be recognizable. The mohammedians are being kowtowed to because they are violent. Sooner or later, this will cease to work. We still have the 2nd Amendment.
The muslim cockroaches once again slither into the shadows. To strike again. You still should sue CAIR over this.
Sooner or later, the Galt option will be taken. The Leviathan needs fuel. That fuel is work. The more they make work to be unprofitable (and we are faced with the reality of a median tax rate of 70%+ within a decade) the less fuel there will be. The system will collapse. Lots of dependents who refuse to work for themselves will die, especially in the large cities, which will become deserts. People taxed at the rates needed to sustain the level of entitlement spending BEFORE Obamacare passed cannot be considered free. When the state comes close to making as much as you do from your labor, much less taking the MAJORITY and beyond, you are no longer a free person, you are a state slave.
NASA's new "Apollo Program" under Obama is to "prove" that man made global warming exists. Forget the fact we've been cooling for years and things like this volcano in Iceland will cause MORE cooling. No Hummers required.
It's inevitable that opposition to Obama is going to be declared terrorism.
If you think about it, with it's out of control spending, policy of doing everything behind closed doors, and threatening the private sector in the ways that they are, the Obama Regime is a type of terrorist regime. Maybe they aren't blowing people up with suicide bombs but self inflicted economic terrorism is somewhat similar. I don't buy the "Obama is a muslim" meme though. His ego is too big. He wouldn't worship any "prophet", Obama believes that HE is some sort of prophet.
Political correctness kills. Frankly, I can make a far better case for allowing gays into combat roles in the miliary. There is nothing about being homosexual that precludes patriotism, loyalty to country, and upholding the oath all military personnel take, to "preserve protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic". However, structurally, a follower of islam CANNOT take that oath and fulfill it truthfully. islam is more important to enough of them than country as to make all of them an unwise security risk. For a muslim to agree to put country above islam is for that muslim to no longer be a muslim. That is the real truth, the so-called "moderate" muslim isn't a muslim. I'm not saying they are bad people, they aren't, the ones that do renounce violence, unequivocally reject terrorism, who do not believe that sharia should be supreme law aren't actually muslims, but practicing a modified version of it. And there are distressingly few of these, at least who are willing to admit to publicly. And can you blame them, to renounce violence and sharia would mark them as apostates, a "crime" punishable by death. Radical islam also doesn't really exist. Mainstream islam is what we would consider radical. Actually, the radical muslims are the ones that DONT support the jihad.
First off, I'd like to see these supposed 94,000 "descendants" of the alleged "prophet" mohammed prove that they are. I seriously doubt that an unbroken chain of birth records going back to the 600's exist. If this relationship is their standing by which they are doing their "lawsuit jihad" then they are going to have to PROVE it. Secondly, they need to prove that mohammed was a prophet. What miracles did he perform? Not even one, from what I've seen, was claimed even in the koran. The Prophets of the Bible performed many miracles. Christ and the Apostles performed miracles. Saints performed miracles. The moon god allah, like the exampe of baal in the Old Testament, seems to have been unable to work such things through his "prophet". Probably because the moon-god doesn't exist and because mohammed made all this up as part of his "master plan" (Hitler had one of those too) to invent islam as a social virus to cement his bloody military conquests.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Suing Muhammad at Atlas Shrugs
I love how Rush has been calling this a "regime". Which it is. Obama is Hugo Chavez melded with Robert Mugabe.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on What a Rush! at Atlas Shrugs
Just realized that CAIR should be spelled CAiR. In my determination to show my disrespect for the ROP by refusing to recognize it as a proper noun, or as a person place, or thing deserving recognition.
islam doesn't educate. It indoctrinates. It teaches members that they can do whatever they want to non members with impunity. It is actually very similar to liberalism. Indeed, most islamic states are VERY socialist. Especially the oil rich nations, they fund their welfare state on the "danegeld" oil makes from the Western nations. I believe the "final crusade" is the elimination of the need to get oil from the muslim world. I need to write more on my blog :)
"I am definitely e-mailing Miami -Dade County saying I am totally insulted and disgusted that they are spreading lies that Moses Abraham and Jesus are Islamic prophets! Islam was NOT AROUND when our prophets lived! Abraham welcomed all into his tent, Jesus said: "love thy neighbour". This is the opposite of "shitslam" ----- These claims also offend me, as a Christian, I DO NOT believe that the madman pedophile genocidal warmongering "prophet" is in any way OF the Lord God of Abraham, Moses, and the Father of Jesus. mohammed invented islam for no reason other than to create a culture and civilization destroying virus to hold his conquests together. That is what islam is, a virus... A virus that erases identity, culture, civilization, knowledge, etc. It is not a religion. It represents fascism/nazism ratcheted up one level higher: Hitler, as evil as he was, never claimed to be God, or a "prophet". Nor did he try to sell nazism as a religion.
Pamela, You all need to include CAIR in your suit, since they clearly were the instigators, AND they also are behind the muslim bus ads. CAIR tends to flee to the shadows like roaches whenever any light gets anywhere near them, but they've never been put in a DEFENSIVE position on a suit, ie: where they cannot make it go away on their own by dropping it. Finding out who is funding them would likely ruin them. I have no doubt in my mind that CAIR's funding is coming from Iran and other sponsors of terrorism, given their links to Hamas, which is nothing more than a proxy terrorist group funded by Iran. Since CAIR has almost no members, their funding has to be coming from foreign sources.
The ROP'ers claiming that the pagan idol moon god of islam is the God of the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Father of Christ is frankly, blasphemous and highly offensive to me. Not to mention how they blaspheme Christ, Abraham, Moses, and the Prophets. The mere fact that islam systematically hates and persecutes Jews proves that the god they worship is NOT the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
I would not blame the bus. They just don't want someone blowing up the bus with preferably as many people on it at the time. Funny isn't it? The "religion of peace" is so infamous for violence that people surrender to them out of fear. This has to stop. Mainstream islam simply is not compatible with American society. Note that I say mainstream. The jihadis are the mainstream. The violent ones are the mainstream. The mainstream of islam either commits violence or condones it by their silence. The "radical" muslims aren't the terrorists, they are the ones that REJECT terrorism. Unless it renounces violence, accepts that civil law>sharia law, and agrees to integrate into traditional society there should be no place for islam in the United States or any other civilized nation. In fact, I think islam (as it exists) should be outlawed, and would be Constitutional to outlaw, as it is more a POLITICAL force than religious, and openly seeks to overthrow our government.
Sue them, Pamela. If they are a public entity (ie: government run) and they accept ads for one religion they must accept them all. Also, why not take a page out of CAIR's playbook and sue THEM for intervening here? They have injured and slandered your organization.
The answer is to counter-sue. What standing does CAIR have to bring such a suit? Wasn't there a story awhile back that CAIR wasn't even legally incorporated anymore? Challenge CAIR's standing to file suit based on the fact that it is a foreign entity with terror ties, that 99% of it's funding comes from overseas and that it has had multiple members convicted of terror ties. Make them show where their funding is coming from. In the past, when CAIR has been in a position to have to show this, they fold up their tents and ride their camels out of town. This happened when they tried to sue Anti-CAIR.
I have a radical idea... How about not issuing visas to muslims? How about identifying and giving extra screening to muslims? You don't see planes being hijacked by Christians, Jews Hindus and Buddhists do you?
I will never bow down to the pagan moon god of Arabia. Yahweh is NOT allah. allah is not the One True God.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on Muhammadan or Racist? Or both? at Atlas Shrugs
Samira/Sami can gloat all he wants to, but that won't change the fact that we the people are spittin' bullets mad and waking up. I think 'll get some friends together can take a little bus trip in 11/16. And let's see how many people I can get to come along. There are a lot more normal Americans than there are Muslim murderers in the U.S., even though it doesn't seem so sometimes the way they constantly make the news. Poor Samira/Sami. What will you do when Rifqa is saved? Indeed. And the injustice of this whole affair IS waking people up. Frankly, it scared the crap out of me to know that Columbus is so infiltrated by jihadists. I live 3 hours away from there. If one hair on this girl's head is harmed, there will be consequences, Samira... Consequences for islam. It's time for the legions of so-called "good" or "moderate" muslims to step up to the plate and prove that they actually exist, rather than being the modern equivalent of unicorns, faries, elves, etc. ie: mythical creatures that were inventions not reality.
Samira, I have no question that good will triumph ultimately over evil. There IS a religion of peace. In fact, it's probably gotten too peaceful and complacent. As Robert Spencer wrote, Christianity IS the religion of peace. islam isn't. islam, until and unless reformed (and frankly, I think it's so sick and corrupt that it is beyond hope of reform, it'd have to be redone from scratch) is a religion of violence, coercion, and ignorance. islam brought a dark age to every land that it conquered. Christianity turned a dark age into a Renaissance. Christianity made possible the very things that led to Democracy, freedom, technological advancement, everything from life preserving medicine to landing men on the moon. An islamic society could never achieve such things. Ironically, this freedom and flexibility of Christianity has allowed the evil of islam to enter our society, and the left champions it because they believe the enemy of their enemy (ie: Judeo-Christian values) is their friend. It isn't. The moment islam achieved political power the first people they'd murder would be the leftists. For islam to triumph would result in a world wide dark age, the end of civilization. It took roughly 1,000 years for Europe to recover from the demise of the Western Roman Empire. A global islamic dark age might last so long that humanity is gone before it's recovered from. The West recovered from the collapse of Rome because islam was never allowed to overcome it, thanks to the Byzantines and the Spaniards containing it. Frankly, I think it isn't going to happen. At least not here, in the United States. I believe that islam is one WMD attack on our people away from being outlawed. And the brave brave muslim warriors will eventually achieve the mass murder of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, thanks to international complacency and our unwillingness to secure our own borders. islam isn't a religion, and isn't deserving of the First Amendment's protections. It is what nazism would have been had Hitler proclaimed the NSDAP a religion instead of a political party. It is a seditious organization with foreign allegiances hell bent on committing treason against the Constitution of the United States. Sorry about the long rant, but I've been wanting to say this for a long time.
What Rifqa needs to do is escape again at the earliest opportunity. Her life is in danger, and the "authorities" are breaking the law. She needs to get to a state where she can petition for emancipation. Florida, unfortunately, was not that kind of state. Or, at the very least, she needs to find a place to hide for 9 months until she turns 18. As for Ohio, the most logical thing to do is for abuse charges to be filed against the parents. It is ridiculous that her own will has been COMPLETELY disregarded here. In most states, Rifqa is old enough to get married without her parents permission, and Pamela mentioned the abortion irony... The problem here is that the establishment has become so anti-Christian that it has become impossible for a Christian to be regarded as any kind of victim when victimized because of Christianity. Especially where islam is concerned. This should serve as a wake up call as to how deep the muslim tentacles are already entwined around the spine of our Constitution and our institutions.