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While Google+ is doing exceptionally well right out of the gate, I don't think they're going to threaten Facebook because so many peoples' photos, phone numbers, messages, friends, etc are on there right now and Google+ is still limited to a more early adopter crowd. I don't foresee peoples' parents and grandparents flocking to Google+ anytime soon. I think that Facebook has enough great developers on their team that they should be working on some kind of project to tackle better search features that use all of the data at their disposal better than their current relationship with Bing allows them to. The brands will obviously check out Google+ and develop their presences there, but they will go where the people are and that's Facebook most definitely. There are entire ecosystems of companies being built around Facebook's features, even to the point where buying Facebook fans exists and nothing that Google does can possibly inspire that kind of activity anytime soon. If Google is a threat to Facebook, I see it as being years away and Facebook would have to make a number of major missteps to cause that to happen. In the short to medium term, I think that Google+ is more of a threat to Reddit and other places where technical minded people like to shoot the breeze and have fun.
Some very good points here. It's amazing how many companies forget about story and emotion and psychology when trying to sell anything. I like to think of it in terms of thinking about some of my favorite TV shows: the deepest and most meaningful ones to me are always those that have the best characters and some sort of overriding emotion surrounding their story. Thinking in terms of psychology is important when marketing: look at for example. Even though its a little thing, these types of services are useful because when people see that a Facebook page has more fans on it, they're more likely to notice you and be impressed. Spend a day with a really good business person if you can and talk about some of these psychological tricks. I've been told some stuff that as a nerd I'd dismiss right away but that really just blows normal people away when you sit and examine it from a psychological perspective. PS: Even though a lot of people like it, I've never understood the Warhammer devotion to the extreme point that so many exhibit it. What are they doing right besides the quest never ending? I'm not sure that that aspect of it alone explains the intense devotion.
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Apr 30, 2011