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James Weaks
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This guy nails it: "Mark Walker told me and 12 others in response to my question, "Who do you like for Speaker?" that "The first vote I cast for speaker will be for Trey Gowdy!" The room erupted with applause. He did NOT say if Trey Gowdy runs for Speaker he has my vote. He did not say "If I think Trey Gowdy can win he will have my vote." INTEGRITY demanded that he cast his first vote for speaker for Trey whether Trey runs or not. Now friends of mine in his campaign are telling me, and I am quoting here, - "After much prayer, Mark didn't believe that any of the last-minute candidates met these qualifications." REALLY! You are going to blame God!? My friends are telling me "This is a process vote. Policy is another matter. Mark will have a very strong, conservative voting record." REMEMBER, Walker made these promises in JUNE BEFORE the budget deal in December. That should have given him MORE not LESS motivation to keep his word. This just puts everything he does from here on out under a cloud IMO." -Rod Chaney, Orange County
Love Seth, but sometimes he's wrong and this is one of those times.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Seth Godin on Anxiety at The Stand-up Philosopher
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Mar 18, 2010