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You are so right Holly! Being a "mother" takes on so many different views and directions bigger than we can even imagine. There are perhaps natural born children, but how about the many lives of other children that God allows us to touch! In many ways touching lives in any capacity is not only a gift to others but the bigger gift is to us! I think of each person God has used to touch my life; as a friend, or encourager, perhaps someone I met along the way. There has been a great purpose in each of those times, I am thankful each person I have encountered, on the road of life! Thank you for sharing your heart- Continue in what He has called you too!
Toggle Commented May 1, 2010 on Eve's Daughters at (In)Courage
There are seasons-many of them! So many in fact as you said Holly, we would be overwhelmed by what is before us, so thankfully we see & know "right now"... Thank you for the reminder! Be still and know that I am God! Psalms 46:10 That's where the trusting begins..
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2010 on A Time for Everything at (In)Courage
PS: for my husband, he's been have some severe neck pain, will be seeing a specialist soon. That he would find relief from the pain and God's direction will be very obvious. The Lord has taken me deeper with Him, to examine items that He wants me to look at and let go of! Thank you for the encouragement.
This says it all- Confidence in God. We can face a storm, fight a battle, or speak boldly all with a gentle and quiet spirit! Then allow God to do what He does best, change-challenge-tweak-Love-comfort... God is so good!
Another thought provoking post...Thanking God for you and your heart to share with us.. God again has challenged me in a new way! He is ever faithful, forever!
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Feb 20, 2010