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James Weatherhill
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Thoughtful post! It's been awhile, yet, the views in 'Touch Magic' resonated & have stayed long with me. Months ago my wife & I found a barely touched old copy of 'Great Swedish Fairy Tales' (art)John Bauer + (translator)Holger Lundburgh. The stories were brimming with a magic that wittily imparted to the child or reader a bold sense on how to approach or live life. Real Magic.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2013 on Tough Magic at Myth & Moor
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It's all been said above by Michelle in NYC, so may I add my "Thanks" We live on the 'Great Lake' Michigan, and I had just come in from a walk alone by the water then up to the train tracks where I wandered daily with 'Kaila' ~ a Soul (some call dog or pet of 14+ yrs.) silent along "The path by which we twain did go". After witnessing all that had overgrown or erased since her passing 2 weeks ago. I returned home and as was the usual sat to view your blog. The music hit the mark as on the evening she left I had a vivid "dream' or visit where I was 'allowed' to dimly view Her Arrival & how she was so welcomed "Home" with song,concertina,bagpipe and Joy. I truly liked the JPtrio ditty and the 'James River Blues' song at the close. As She was with me 24/7 every day of those 14 yrs...the tone & ending lyric - "On the cool flow Floatin' down down below The bridge to the waters edge From the ridge to the ledge From the hills to the sea I'll become a memory" As Always ~ Peace & Love to You & Yours. p.s. all apologies if i rambled
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2013 on Tunes for a Monday Morning at Myth & Moor
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Howling Barkday!!! May Tilly & Her Loving Parents be endlessly blessed ~ with Joy, Love & Health ~ All-ways.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2013 on Happy Birthday, Tilly! at Myth & Moor
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Oh, how you continue to draw us into the prescence of belief that "Heaven is very near"! Thankyou for such a Stunning week of posts - visually and lyrically ! Peace & Love ~
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You made my Heart Smile!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2013 on The Dog's Tale at Myth & Moor
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For years now; Every Day I go to your page & amble through the always beautiful photographs and read from your World & Heart. I never thought to intrude upon your time & write or leave comment, yet, Today your images of Tilly at border & crossroads, along with the poetry of Mary Oliver set me down to send you a Heartfelt, long neglected ~ "Thank You". I'll not bore this moment with details of sentiment. I only want you to know that it struck a chord. I look forward and am thankful every time you post, yet, again todays' images & Olivers' poetry brought to my Soul ~ Magic. To You & All Those You Hold Dear ~ Sincerest Peace & Love Always.
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Feb 20, 2013