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... and you are so *good* at it! 8^) -- jc&bev
"Hope you enjoyed tagging along. :)" I did! 8^) -- jc
We have an appointment with them next month on the 17th. Where will you guys be by then? -- jc&bev
We already have our appointment for 17th of March. 8^) -- jc&bev
Hey Dave, If you are in the market for an inverter I recommend a hybrid inverter. Magnum makes one. The advantage of the hybrid is that it can 'assist' the shore power if you need to pull more juice than the shore power can supply. Like when you are driveway surfing at a friends house and he only have 15 amps available, the hybrid can step up and give you the extra you need for a short while to run a microwave or a hair dryer without tripping your friend's 15 amp breaker. Once the heavy load is done it (the inverter) turns around and puts that juice back in the battery. It's the cat's meow! -- jc
Wonderful poem, Howard. Bev and I are keeping you and Linda in our thoughts. -- jc&bev
Thanks for sharing.
I met your Mom (and Dad) a couple of times. As I sit here I am visualizing her. It is a way of keeping her alive in our memories.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2014 on It Appears The End Is Near at RV-Dreams Journal
H&L, Our thoughts are with you. -- jc&bev
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2014 on Deep Sadness at RV-Dreams Journal
Your place looks GREAT! 8^) -- jc&bev
Spent the morning trying to work the schedule so that we could make it there in time for the rally, but there are too many miles and not enough time to make it work. I really wished we could have made this one cause we haven't seen you guys for so long. We are still coming to Florida for part of the winter so maybe we can hook up with you later in the year. Hope so... -- jc&bev
Gorgeous! -- jc
We can't wait to see pics of your newly painted rig!
Happy Bday Howard! -- jcw
Happy Anniversary you two! -- jc&bev
It all looks great! Congrats on your upgrade. -- jc
That might be too late in the spring for us. We'll be on the East Coast that year, but we are headed for Newfoundland and expect to be entering Canada, weather permitting, by those dates. If you end up moving it up sooner or we get our schedule pushed out due to weather, maybe we can make it. We sure would like to be there. -- jc&bev
It brings back memories of the one we got to attend. Hope we get to attend another one soon! -- jc&bev
Happy Holidays to both of you and the entire RV-Dreams family! -- jc&bev
Hi guys. We are wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year! -- jc&bev
We thought we were all meeting on the Garden Cafe deck for breakfast. We hung out there from 8:30 til 9:30 when they called for our group to disembark. So sorry we missed the opportunity to say good bye. We had a GREAT time and would be interested in doing that again. Hope to see you soon. -- jc&bev
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2013 on We're Back! - (Goulds, Florida) at RV-Dreams Journal
I'd be very interested in what you can find out about how much it costs to live there. Maybe as snowbirds (6 months per year). -- jc
We also have 6CT batteries from Lifeline. I went to the website where you ordered yours, but I could not find a price list. How much did those new batteries cost you, with and without shipping? You can email me if you don't want to post it. -- jc
Well done! Thx for all that work, Howard. -- jc
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2013 on The Affordable Care Act & Us at RV-Dreams Journal
Howard, wrt Long Term Care, I've reached the same conclusion. Better to self-insure, if you've got the resources.