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I think you're a bit obsessive, but, on the other hand, you've got a much nicer layout than I do.
Didn't the picnic look good? It was fantastic. I want to rip open a bag of cherries and have a meal in the sunshine by a pond with bottles of ginger beer.
Oddly, the night we saw it, the only positive comment was about the staircase. I don't think we've reviewed this particularly early. Pulling this show out of the toliet would require total reconstruction.
Wow, we're dealing with the January blues in very similar ways - I bought a silly bracelet (that arrived Wednesday, very cheering), set up two trips (one to a friend, one somewhere sunny) and pencilled in numerous theater trips though didn't buy the tickets yet - trying to round up people to go with me and a bit afraid of inadvertently breaking my budget with all of the excitement coming up! I also try to get back on my exercise plan (twice a week evenings plus two lunch-time workouts). Also I completely screwed up a show in December - went to the administrative offices (the address on the receipt) and not the place the play was taking place. Could not magic myself between Tower Bridge and Oxford Circus in 10 minutes. Gave up and had pint with friend instead. Ah well.
Thanks for the tips! Since I moved here I haven't known where to buy my bulbs and last year (when I finally got a garden) involved a bit of flailing around. I did get a sampler from Hortus Bulborum (and some yummy antique hyacinths from Alan Shipp) but couldn't find the UK equivalent of Old House Gardens or Van Engelen. Now I know where to shop, I can put in a much nicer bed this year! (PS: This year's favorite is Columbine, picture here.)
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Wow. I just went to see this play and thought it was poo. I was heartbroken that my Bulgakov had so let me down. Now I'm going to find the original text. In short: WTF. And thanks for writing this.
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HAH! Yes! Close off the fourth wall and spare us the pain!
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Nov 26, 2009