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I was always looking for gold as a kid. I lived up in the Sonoma Mountains but I never found gold only snakes and scorpions. :) I even bought my first metal detector at age 8. I still didn't find the GOLD! I went to Alaska too in 1984 I was 5..
Great idea, will probably bring more people into the business. Everyone needs to be online to make money now a days. How are you going to reveal your stats? I think it should be a website for you and everyone to be able to upload their sales. I will build it for you. We should use, that would be cool!
Come on Rick the perfect domain name for what you describe is from total Rekall INC :) If someone is going to spend millions they should buy the ultimate domain name and that would be Other good names for the same idea would be,,, and maybe even If anybody is interested is unregistered.
Just use the internet to get slim. I hooked a computer up to a TV to stream Netflix to it. Surround sound and a treadmill. Way better then a gym and you save money by not needing a gym membership! 155 5'11
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Aug 27, 2010