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Brooke added a photo at Paris Hilton
Dear Paris.I Love you so much.I think people get really jealous of you and they will do anything to get the money.People should be ashamed of them selves talking about the most beautiful girl out the famous ever.@ParisHilton you're like my dream fantasy my everything.I Just adore you.and i love it when things go in your order..I would love to be with you every step.And for people to sit of there and Hate on you is a crime.I Would die for you.The girls have nothing you baby.Barbie Blonde.If i was your BFF i wouldn't no tiger . Because your just the best paris.And for those people that hate on you then use your last name.What a problem.Paris i would stick up for .No matter what it is.I just you beautiful. on the inside sexy on the outside.So gorgeous.For the definition sexy they should put Paris Hilton simply.Just know that every decision you make.I would agree with every thing.I L-O-V-E YOU Paris Hilton. From @StopHatingParis
Jul 20, 2010
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Jul 15, 2010
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Jul 15, 2010