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Justin Webster
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Recently, we have seen reports that users see an outlook mail error sometimes when attempting to use the edrawings preview functionality in SOLIDWORKS PDM. You may be wondering why eDrawings is referencing a mail client. It is because there is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2016 at InFlow Technology
For those users looking to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional from Enterprise PDM or those looking to simply upgrade to the latest service pack, you have to make sure to upgrade your database. In previous versions, the upgrade utility was... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2016 at InFlow Technology
When using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Enterprise PDM), the vault can occupy large amounts of disk space due to all the versions being stored from day to day. To save on disk space, you may want to enable compression on the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2016 at InFlow Technology
For those who missed it, InFlow Technology presented at the first ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE for SOLIDWORKS users event this week in Chicago. Attendees were able to see the ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS integration and see how ENOVIA could be tied together with an... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2015 at InFlow Technology
One of the new features in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 relates back to a question that has been posed by nearly every one of our PDM customers. Question: How can I set the revision of a file to something other than... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2015 at InFlow Technology
Just this week SOLIDWORKS announced the pre-release of SOLIDWORKS 2016. Included in the release is a face lift on ENTERPRISE PDM, which includes a name change to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. No longer will the EPDM abbreviation be used, but instead... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2015 at InFlow Technology
We have received many questions related to the notification process in SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM. For example, where do the messages get originated? Is there a record of the messages? Here is some general information to help you understand the EPDM... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2015 at InFlow Technology
Sometimes SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM users will want to store files in their vault using a "non-save" event. For example, if I use an analysis program, the results files may automatically get created using automation in the program. EPDM will block... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2015 at InFlow Technology
In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015, SolidWorks has introduced a concept called "Private State". A file in a "Private State" is simply a file that has never been checked in. In previous versions of EPDM, these files were totally hidden from... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2015 at InFlow Technology
It has recently come to my attention that not every Enterprise PDM administrator reads the administration guides that come packaged with the EPDM install media. For those who have neglected to look through the guides, you are missing out on... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2015 at InFlow Technology
If you are attending SolidWorks World 2015 in February, look on the agenda for InFlow team members, Justin Webster, Jeff Barker, and Ryan Dally. We will be there presenting on EPDM and Driveworks. Here are the topics: Configuring the new... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2014 at InFlow Technology
In the latest release of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, there are a few enhancements in the area of group and user permissions. The primary enhancement in this area is related to the separation of the "move" permission from the "delete" permission.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2014 at InFlow Technology
In the 2015 release of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, SOLIDWORKS has made several nice additions. One, seemingly minor new feature, will really help users. The addition of the "explorer cache status icons" will help users keep track of the status of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2014 at InFlow Technology
For the 2015 release of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, SolidWorks has changed the licensing model to take advantage of the solidnetwork tools (the same tools used by SolidWorks CAD tools). In order to get the new version working, you will need... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2014 at InFlow Technology
This fall SolidWorks will release Enterprise PDM 2015. There are some nice new features with this release, with a few brand new tools and some new features that users and admins will surely appreciate. First of all SolidWorks is including... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2014 at InFlow Technology
In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you have an option to allow or not allow duplicates in the vault. Some companies have a valid reason to allow duplicates or they have migrated duplicates into their vault from a network drive, hoping to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2014 at InFlow Technology
Dassault Systemes recently released Enovia V6 2014x with a brand new interface. Enovia V6 is now part of the new Dassault 3D Experience platform, which is a consolidated environment with many Dassault applications. The new platform now provides for a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2014 at InFlow Technology
Have you ever wanted to search by configuration name using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM? If so, the search option is available to you on the "Complete Search" search card. To enable this function, open your complete search card and look at... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2014 at InFlow Technology
InFlow Technology recently added Exalead OnePart to our product support portfolio. This application, developed by Dassault Systemes, is a powerful search tool designed to connect all systems in your company. Here's how it works: Picture a user searching for a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2013 at InFlow Technology
Recently SolidWorks released the latest version of Enterprise PDM, release 2014. One of the highlights is the new variable display options available from reference dialogs. From here, a user can add variable columns like part number, description, etc. so the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2013 at InFlow Technology
Since InFlow released the InFlow Web Access tool last summer, we have recieved quite a few requests to explain the differences between the InFlow tool and the SolidWorks Web interface. Instead of explaining in written form, I have put together... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2013 at InFlow Technology
Being part of a PLM/PDM implementation team, my nights and weekends are sometimes consumed by data migration work. Just thought I would share some of my recent experience. Last week...we migrated around 30,000 versions into EPDM from a PDM application... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2013 at InFlow Technology
To demonstrate that Republicans and Democrats can work together, see the image below: We can see files checked out by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, in the same EPDM vault! New in Enteprise PDM 2013, we can highlight over the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2012 at InFlow Technology
I think most people would agree that SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is easy to use. But, at InFlow Technology, we are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience for our EPDM customers. So, this month, we launched our new... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2012 at InFlow Technology
The InFlow Technology implementation team has worked on 100+ Enterprise PDM implementations over the last 5 years. Many implementations have required a file migration from an existing PDM system or from files stored on a network drive. We recently finished... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2012 at InFlow Technology