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@ Brad, I think the CMT needs to be separate from the CMo as the second mission really requires a champion of its own. The CMO will probably be too busy to work with individuals in an organization and find influencers for each department to help spread the "marketing technology DNA". The biggest takeaway is that every marketer must be competent with technology. We can't rest on our laurels. Even with the next generation of marketers coming out of school, being digital natives, not everyone is a programmer (not many could even string together some javascript code). An understanding of data should be general education for any college-bound individual and not be stashed away in graduate school.
I will have a B.S. in Marketing with an emphasis in Interactive marketing from Northern Illinois University. I plan on enrolling in the Stanford Data Mining certificate for some knowledge in R. I love web programming and I'm always looking for a stronger understanding of the javascript, PHP, and SQL. From there I'll work on Python next. I would love to find a degree that combines marketing and technology. I saw Medill's Integrated Marketing communications masters but it doesn't dive into the technology enough (i.e. no programming, only a high level view). Would a masters in computer science be the right course? What should a young marketer be focusing in? Should it be 60% marketing, 40% technology? I'd love to hear back from you on this!
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Nov 5, 2010