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Hands-on, nearly instant photofinishing direct from your smartphone By Chris Foresman SONY VGP-BPL1 + SONY VGP-BPL2 + SONY VGP-BPL2C + SONY VGP-BPL4 + SONY VGP-BPL4A + SONY VGP-BPL5 + SONY VGP-BPL5A + SONY VGP-BPL7 + SONY VGP-BPL8 Walgreens and Fujifilm are targeting mobile phone users with new systems that allow... Continue reading
College Kids Aim to Make 52 Apps a Year in South Carolina By Kathleen Chaykowski Dell Latitude D620 Battery + Dell Latitude D630 Battery + Dell Latitude D631 Battery + Dell Latitude D800 Battery + Dell Latitude D810 Battery + Dell Latitude D820 Battery + Dell Latitude D830 Battery +... Continue reading
Sony Xperia Ion review (AT&T) By Brian Bennett Toshiba Satellite Pro 3000 Battery Toshiba Satellite L515D Battery The good: The affordable Sony Xperia Ion has solid call quality and swift 4G LTE that ties into Sony's vast entertainment empire. The bad: Lackluster images and video belie the Xperia's claimed 12MP... Continue reading
Google TV Box Gets Movie Streams From Android 4.0 Smartphones, Tablets By Agam Shah PA3729U-1BAS Toshiba Satellite P500 Battery An upcoming Google TV box based on Android 4.0 OS and an ARM processor will come closer to smartphones and tablets with the capability to play direct movie streams from Android... Continue reading
Barclays new app transfers money by mobile phone By MARK HENNESSY. THE ERA of the cashless society has moved a step closer, following the launch yesterday in Britain of a new mobile telephone payment system by Barclays Bank - the first of its kind in Europe. Using Barclay's PingIt, a... Continue reading
With Updated App, Path Hints at a Mature Business Model By Mike Isaac. SAN FRANCISCO, California - It's practically a Silicon Valley proverb: Build your user base, and the money will follow. The problem is that if you grow too big, too fast without a monetization plan, you'll end up... Continue reading
Path updated to include Nike+ integration, music matching, camera enhancements by Joe Aimonetti. Summary: Popular mobile journal sharing app Path has been updated, now with the ability to share your runs through Nike+, find and share the music you're listening to, and add cool filters to photos. Are you a... Continue reading
New iPad adopts simple product naming Steve Jobs brought to Apple in 1997 B By Daniel Eran Dilger. iPods and iOS devices When Apple introduced the iPod in 1999, it continued to remain "the new iPod" through several generations before being named the iPod Classic to differentiate it from the... Continue reading
New iPad adopts simple product naming Steve Jobs brought to Apple in 1997 A By Daniel Eran Dilger. Apple's latest iPad, originally anticipated to be named iPad 3 or iPad HD, was simply called "the new iPad" during its introduction. This isn't a new change in naming products at the... Continue reading
Google as Benevolent Dictator Yanks Apps With Kill Switch: Tech By Jordan Robertson, Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Finnish developer Janne Kytomaki said he knew something was amiss last year when he noticed dozens of best-selling applications on Google Inc.'s Android Market listing the same incorrect author. Kytomaki ran tests,... Continue reading
First look: Norton's 2012 desktop, smartphone security push By Ellen Messmer, Network World Norton today released an updated version of its Norton 360 desktop and mobile security software, while also rolling out a new licensing arrangement for combined PC, Mac and Android use. In addition, Norton announced a novel plan... Continue reading
Google's Motorola Mobility Deal Gets Green Light from U.S. and Europe By Trefis Team, Google received approvals for its proposed Motorola Mobility acquisition from both the European Commission as well as the U.S. Justice Department on Monday. However, regulatory approvals in China and Israel are still pending. The acquisition... Continue reading
Google-Motorola Purchase May Help Defrag Android By Jennifer LeClaire, Why is Google buying Motorola? Could be for the 17,000 patents or a number of other reasons. Gartner VP Michael Disabato thinks the Google-Motorola buy is tied to setting direction for the Android operating system. "I think one of the... Continue reading
Canaccord: Apple Claims 80% of Q4 Mobile Handset Profits BY BRYAN CHAFFIN, Apple claimed a staggering 80 percent of all mobile handset profits during the December quarter, according to Canaccord analyst Michael Walkley. The analyst said that Apple achieved this remarkable feat, even though it had only 8.1 percent... Continue reading
Is a Samsung Galaxy Android camera in the works? Via: Xataca. As he mentioned during an interview last October, Andy Rubin's dream is to see Android on every screen. A couple of years ago, that might have seemed like something impossible, but we are getting very close to such a... Continue reading
Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs at 3 Factories By KEVIN J. O'BRIEN, BERLIN - Nokia, the biggest maker of mobile phones by volume, said Wednesday that it would eliminate 4,000 manufacturing jobs, or 7 percent of its global work force, as it moved to streamline operations and save money... Continue reading
Google introduces Chrome for phone BY Juliette Garside, Google is to replace the web browser in Android smartphones with a revamped version named after its Chrome desktop product, as the search giant redoubles its efforts to knock Microsoft off the top perch in the battle of the browsers. Chrome... Continue reading
Sarah Palin's attack on the GOP establishment By Jon Healey, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stirred the pot again in the GOP presidential campaign, using her Facebook account Friday to blast "the Republican establishment" for using "Alinsky tactics" against her favored candidate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I'll leave... Continue reading
I-4 Corridor Is the Highway to Presidential Political Heaven By Bobbie O'Brien, TAMPA (2012-1-30) - Florida's primary is Tuesday and the Republican presidential candidates are focusing on the Interstate-4 corridor, called the "highway to presidential political heaven" because by some estimates, it's home to almost half of Florida's GOP... Continue reading
Super PAC takeover? Not so fast, campaigns say By KENNETH P. VOGEL and DAVE LEVINTHAL | 1/29/12 7:04 AM EST | The big money outside groups best known for airing ruthless ads in the early state GOP primaries are elbowing their way onto the turf of presidential campaigns and... Continue reading
'Obamacare' shreds social safety net By FRANK DONATELLI | 1/26/12 10:26 PM EST | Coming soon to a polling place near you: "Republicans are undermining Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Vote Democratic to stop them." This has become a staple of liberal Democratic campaigns. Count on the Obama 'reelection... Continue reading
Nuggets storage industry capital market Thanks to new energy industries, energy storage industry is becoming the new choice of capital Nuggets. Recently, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. to 160 million yuan to buy the Hefei High-tech Energy Power Co., Ltd., China Xuan 20% stake, entered the lithium industry. Previously,... Continue reading
Lithium was the most popular in 2010 Lithium was the most popular stocks in four areas of concern In 2010, China's new energy automotive industry officially opened the curtain, national support policies from buses, taxis and other public services, greater capacity to expand to the private market consumption. In June,... Continue reading
Future cars can achieve "auto" power Scientists develop new materials to achieve the next car or "autologous" power European scientists are developing a way to store and release electrical energy to the composite materials for automotive parts. A cost of 3.4 million euros in imaginative projects of European scientists said,... Continue reading
How to discover if an image has been retouched Pho... Continue reading