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TWINS. You are a goddam hero. It is unrelenting. And honestly, even if you had to sacrifice a pet goat to have babies, I am of the firm opinion that you are still allowed to complain. xo
Both. I think.
This this this this this this. xo
Thank you! I love that recipe. x
Thank you!! x
London! What an awesome adventure.
SIX. I bow down to you, mama.
My book-reading time in bed ALONE before lights out is, right now, the best part of my day.
No apologies. Two is HARD. Will be honest, THREE IS HARD TOO. Four is ok, but not always. But way better than three. Solidarity...
One day corn tortillas will be available in grocery stores in Germany and on that day, I will celebrate.
Such a bummer!! Sigh. xx
Ha! Sounds like a legitimate diagnosis to me!
Thank you, this is a good reminder!
Yes, funny, right? It only occurred to me afterwards that he must have done the same thing! Will have to ask.
Well, first of all, I like to cook and don't want to do Abendbrot that often (once a week is fine), besides the fact that my socialization/culture is used to warm meals for dinner, but secondly, my husband and kids eat belegte Brote for breakfast and snack every single day. They don't want bread for dinner too. Oh well!
It's definitely not for everyone, but cooking is my therapy. I get sad if I don't cook on the regular. You know? Even if it's just frying an onion in olive oil for 5 minutes.
Ooh, honey, I started reading your comment and had the SAME reaction. Effing husbands!!!
I cannot WAIT for these kids to cook us a meal. A girl can dream!
Ha! Awesome. I found that one day, I just had energy for that kind of stuff again, but usually only during naptime. Even now, I can't find energy to cook/bake past 7:00 pm.
Yes, it's definitely Italian, my mother encouraged me to do it!
That makes me happy.