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If we'd built weeSpring earlier, you might have started with the Ergo! :)
Did you know more Sophies were sold in France last year than babies were born (in France)? Ubiquitous! (Please add your reviews to weeSpring!)
We hear this all the time!
These are awesome... did you add them to weeSpring?
So funny. Why doesn't everything have that button? - ally@weespring
Awesome, Ellyn... thanks! We're going to do a "Want it to win it!" contest again soon... you should use the site to list all your wants! - ally@weespring
Good advice for other moms! (Please share on weeSpring!)
So glad to hear that, Rachel!!!
Nicole-Lynn, you can use the site to keep track of the things you want! And you should invite your friends to share their loves and regrets.
Our cat liked the Mamaroo... baby definitely didn't. (Please add to weeSpring! This is really funny...)
Andrea, have you shared on weeSpring?
Love! Have you added yours to the site?
Sarah -- not bored at all! These are hilarious. You should be one of our featured parents... email me at!
Brilliant comment on compost -- hope you've shared on weeSpring!
Awesome advice, Kris... I hope you're rating on the site!
A friend told me that to use the bucket tub, you hold one hand under the baby's bum, another under the baby's chin, and then you use your third arm to wash the baby.
Did you share on weeSpring, Charlee?
Such a great point -- I hope you shared on weeSpring!
We have the Bjorn but hear great things about phil+ted's...
I hope you shared on weeSpring!
"Wait and see" is always terrific advice... Thanks for your comments, Rebecca -- would love to have more of them on weeSpring!
We swaddled in them until 6 months! And joked we would swaddle until he was a teenager...
We called our Bugaboo bassinet our "very expensive shopping cart" -- anytime I tried to take the baby out in it, I wound up using the baby carrier because he was wailing so much, and wheeling my groceries around in the Bugaboo.
Lindsey, this is hilarious... I hope you've added it as a comment on weeSpring!
Been there!! Our swing was used exactly twice.