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Corporal Willy
Las Vegas, Nevada
Retired Construction Electrician.
Interests: Experimenting with Solar Energy and school science projects but I especially like teaching SolidWorks.
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There are some valid points made in this discussion and one that I did not hear discussed too well is the cost of having conventions or large meetings here. I believe Vegas Businesses think too highly of themselves and in some cases have out priced their competition. I know several companies that refuse to have any shows or meetings here.
Very nice but do you have to have one of those high end graphics cards to view these welds?
Now that can be quite useful in some of my crazy ideas. Thanks for letting us know. Cpl Willy.
This is good information. Money still seems to be the biggest heavyweight parameter for choosing the computer to put the SolidWorks Program on. I use a couple of different ones and I am relatively happy with the results. As a teacher of SolidWorks I like to show what SolidWorks can do to all my students. Animations included. Thanks for the post here.
Excellent help tutorials with your Free Xpress Utilities series. I will make sure that my future students have the links to read this themselves. Great job.
Very interesting prospect that you brought up. I am wondering if it is properly labeled as "spatial aptitude testing" or would it be better called "pattern analysis" but it does start an interesting topic. Bye the way, I was never all that good at these. :(
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Apr 17, 2013
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Apr 3, 2013
Truly amazing. My uncle who was also my God Father, served on the USS Missouri and took pictures of the Japanese Surrender aboard this Ship. He would have loved to see this replica. How will you build the actual model? I always wanted to do something like this as well but I was thinking more of a Fletcher Class Destroyer. Or the Sumner Class. Both were used during war times. You did a fantastic job. My congratulations to you.
Nice post here. I'm looking forward to hearing everything that goes on there at this SolidWorks World Tour. Meanwhile some of us have to stay put to hold down the home front. Take care and have a ball everyone. Bye.
Nice goin Rich. I'm looking forward to your reports. We all like the pictures. Was Mike sleeping? :) Take care.
I loved this article post. I have their catalogs here at the house. Their fans are really top of the line products and now I know SolidWorks helps to make them even better. Great.
Wow and double wow. Truly amazing simplicity. Well Done Dassault Systemes.
I can easily see this as a time saver. Doing each one separately as a sheet metal cut and then perhaps patterning that across to the other end would still take time to do. This makes it so much better. Innovation taken to the next level. Nice.