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Fascinating debate. Along my path as an artist, I've heard Grooveshark pop up here and there, but was a bit confused about their offerings. This article was balanced and insightful enough to leave it up to me as to whether I think it's good for artists. Here's my take: The 1st thing I noticed (as far as impact) was in YouTube plays. Clearly had a measurable impact for a band who primarily had a local fan base. - Anytime I hear of a company trying to leverage it's platform to try to 'break' a band I get excited - the biggest hurdle DIY artists face is EXPOSURE. You can be sitting on the best album on earth, and it will do NOTHING if it rots on your hard drive unheard. - The band willingly came to Grooveshark and made the best of it. - The manager / band learned from this experience (as I believe readers of this case study) will learn from this. - as far as the debate goes - the 1st question that came to mind after reviewing the links: what's the difference between what Grooveshark does vs the emerging BitTorrent model for artists? Both platforms *can* be used for 'evil' or used to the Artists' advantage. Especially in the hands of ninja's behind the scenes. (Also a recurrent theme - it always takes a team.) Then I thought of Billy Van and Fame House - "HISHAM!" - referenced back a few links, and sure enough, in addition to BitTorrent, they used Grooveshark - which had a similar (measurable) impact on Billy's YouTube plays in particular. - So, then I looked for my work on Grooveshark. And I see I have 2 songs on there with incorrect album titles, and I see why some rights holders have issues with their service, but then again, I don't see how that's different from vessels like BitTorrent and YouTube (in the early stages at least.) And clearly, seeing my work there (when I know I didn't put it up) tells me I should GET ACTIVE there. It's clear there are a ton of users on Grooveshark, and that you should be where the fans are, so after I get done typing this response, I am going to take over my presence and push it to the limits (minus the ninja's) to see where I can go with it. I have my own case study happening and would be happy to share my findings at a later date for anyone who is interested. This article also validated something I am learning: focusing on building an international fan base, rather than starting local. Music transcends language barriers and the internet allows us to be a million locations at once. I view location as electricity, currents. I'm learning about different cultures through connecting with my fans in various places. Someone bought an album last night from Latvia. With a little help from Google Translate, I'm going to get to know this guy. Thanks to analytics, I know where most of my fans are. Thanks to individual responses via social media I know who my potential superfans are. Thanks in part to Hypebot I adapt to this rapidly changing space. The legal stuff will work itself out. The people want music. Give it to them. Use social media to engage. Form actual RELATIONSHIPS. The money, for those who care about it, will be a byproduct of those relationships. See you on Grooveshark, and anywhere my analytics or Hypebot tells me the fans are. Ghost
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This is so surreal. Last night I was thinking to myself "I need to channel Gandhi to make this work" and here it is...... thanks Hisham - you have no idea how much this helps me right now. My best to you in 2013
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Hello Hypebot, I've visited this site daily for more than a year. It's helped me tremendously in my creative pursuits. Special thanks to Hisham. I am the anonymous artist behind WE HAVE A GHOST. I released my debut album on Halloween of 2011 and physically this Halloween. My sound has been described as "NIN vs Spiritualized" though I am not locked town to a particular genre. My goal is to make the most out of the connections we make via social media. I recognize I am nothing without my fans and try daily to get to know them and help them get where they want to go in life. I recently became an Advisor for music startup RockStar Motel - we focus on the relationship between artist and fan. Rewarding fans for their efforts by offering one of a kind experiences. Thanks for keeping me informed. I owe part of my success to Hypebot. Best, ghost
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Dec 22, 2012