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If I may make a small adjustment to the distinction you made last week, between Matt 5:14-16 ("Let your light shine before men...") and Matt 6:1 ("Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them..."): The former statement addresses what one does. The latter addresses why one does those things. We are to do good things, and it's supposed to demonstrate the character of the Father; that's what the entirety of Matt chapter 5 is about (including the Beatitudes. Ask me how if you're interested; it's a pretty fascinating topic). But we are not to do those good things FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEING SEEN BY MEN. That's what Matt 6:1 says literally. We're do to good works but with pure motives, because we're serving God, not men. Matt 6, the entire chapter, exhorts us to serve the right Master, and warns us against serving the wrong masters--reputation and anxiety.
Preaching/teaching. Playing bass in a worship band. Praying for people & delivering words of knowledge.
Humility can be defined as the honest and sober estimation of oneself. Romans 12:3 says that we should not think more highly of ourselves than we ought, but rather that we should assess our gifts accurately. It is not sin to represent oneself accurately. Jesus was not boasting when He said of Himself, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Paul was not sinning when he said "I am an apostle." And we are not boasting if, based on a genuine call from God that is recognized by the Church, we identify ourselves accurately as what we are. What we're calling "self-promotion" is really nothing more than that -- advertising oneself accurately. I recently published my first book, and the Holy Spirit has me promoting it diligently. He wants my gifts operating where they will benefit the rest of the Body of Christ, and I concur. That requires self-promotion. I am not comfortable with it, but it is God who is directing this, so I will do it as well as I know how. Jesus did the same when He launched His own ministry. There is no sin in it.
Anybody who wonders why UC pulled Kendrick in the 9th needs to read the following article from 1998, introducing the Pitcher Abuse Points statistic: KK did a fabulous job last night, and I was disappointed to see a couple of guys blame him for the loss because he couldn't finish the game. Yes, he started throwing balls as he started to tire, and ended up throwing more pitches in 8 innings than he needed to. He's a rook. He's got a lot to learn. He's barely ready for the majors. But he turned around 2 God-awful starts, battled his way through several tough spots, and kept a good Braves lineup scoreless for 8. That's everything a starter is supposed to do and more. Let's hope he keeps it up. We all knew the Phils' bullpen was a question mark. It was a question mark all last year, too, and we still won the NL. Plus, if any of the three pitchers on the DL return in anything like their previous condition, the bullpen improves. That includes Blanton, whose return shoves a reasonable starter into a long relief role. Tough loss last night. Let's shake it off. We've got a good team and long season.
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Apr 21, 2010