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I have also noticed the absence of Rexon, Legima Doh and Paa NgemGOAT on this forum. I can see that the immigration offices have started knocking on their doors and once again, they have gone into hiding. Lke ripe mangoes falling off the mango trees, these SCNC asylum seekers on this forum will equally be dropping out due to fraudulent immigration papers. Ma Mary, you are next :)
I was just wondering, do they teach latin at the internet SCNC club? Legima Doh always tried to speak to some broken latin and now Mr. Abain is equally attempting some latin. Are the internet warriors of SCNC planning to liberate Southern Cameroons with Latin? I wonder. As for red flag, somebody who can't spell apartheid or legitimate must not be taken seriously. :)
Ma Mary, you owe your fans an apology for your drunken attitude.
Mr. Jude Abain, Instead of answering to the allegations, you decided to attack me.If you want to retaliate with insults, I do not mind. I am well-rounded in the insults department. I used the word "Belgian factory workers" as a metaphor. I was simply trying to say that Mr. Nfor Nfor goes to unimportant places and delivers empty threats. However, if you consider yourself as a Belgian factory worker, that is your cup of tea. And then you go on again to call me a coward for not exposing my real identity. so you want me to state my real name and expose my identity on the internet? for what reason particularly? so that SCNC and Ambazonia feymen, con artists, asylum seekers, beggers and ice-cream sellers like you in America and Europe can steal my identity and use it for your fraudulent aims eh? nice try Mr. Abain but I know all those tricks. UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE FALL AFRICA MUST UNITE
"Do SCNC people drink? Surely some do, but at least in the SCNC in America, people are not allowed to consume alcohol before or during SCNC business."- Ma Mary Ma Mary is that you? listen to how childish you sound? I am baffled. As much as I disagree with your ideologies, I have always held your wisdom in high esteem. But when I read crap like this, I am disappointed. You were probably drinking some alcohol when you wrote this. Sober up Ma Mary, we want the old you back.
What economic plans has he proposed to the people? what political structure has he proposed? has any referendum been conducted? Mr. Nfor goes on to assume that Southern Cameroonians are fools and we will accept any movement camouflaging to liberate us. He sits in the house of some Belgian factory workers and delivers light weight communiques. Do these people think governing a country is as easy as accessing the internet? Why has Nfor Nfor not sent a communique to the Southern Cameroons people that they have formed an interim government abroad? (check The majority of Southern Cameroonians are not exposed to the internet and they don't know these specifics about the SCNC found on the internet. Why are they practicing selective memory and sending only certain portions of information as communiques? OVERT HYPOCRISY. We need to fight for peace and equality for all Cameroonians and not just a Southern Cameroonians. UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE FALL AFRICA MUST UNITE
The problem with the SCNC is that, they see La Republique as one big, bad monster who spends his time slaughtering and butchering Anglophones. You guys fail to understand that,some francophones are equally suffering under the brutish regime of that bloodthirsty vampire in ETOUDI. One of my best friends is a francophone. His family went through so much ordeal in Douala. They had to resettle in Buea and start their life afresh. Life is hard for a lot of Cameroonians and not only anglophones. What is wrong with Cameroon specifically lies IN the francophones who are abusing power in ETOUDI. The problem does not lie with IN ALL FRANCOPHONES. These SCNC people also think that if you are not for them, you are against the welfare the Southern Cameroonians. They have reduced their pressure group's ideology to two options: if you are not for us, you hate Southern Cameroons and you are a traitor. This is not only naive, it is shortsighted, biased and utterly STUPID. It is like the Republicans in Americans saying that if you are not a Republican then you are against America and you are a terrorist.I am proud to say that I fight for the welfare of the entire Cameroon and not only a specific group of Cameroonians. If calling me a traitor makes the likes of Ma Mary, Rexon, Legima Doh and Paa NgemGOAT sleep better at night, well they can go ahead. I am fighting not only for my welfare but the welfare of my francophone friend who is also a human being and who is also suffering under the Biya regime. Another thing with the SCNC is that they are so quick to scathingly criticize but they will never admit their own faults. The captains of the renegade group Rexon and Ma Mary are always quick to point out the errors of the SDF and when we point out their own errors, they refuse to accept and call us traitors. OVERT HYPOCRISY. UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE FALL AFRICA MUST UNITE
I have noticed that this forum has a lot of idealists like Kumbaboy. People who always try to find an invariant formula to explain everything. There is no fixed recipe for civil war. The least amount of animosity can spark overwhelming and unconstrained flames. Never underestimate the outcome of disgruntled masses. Just like Kumbaboy, the vampire in Etoudi underestimates the Cameroonian masses. The only thing a docile population needs to spring into action is a charismatic leader who usually emerges from nowhere. The rise of Steve Biko was never predicted and he changed the face of the Black consciousness movement. The same thing with Nkrumah. He was British Africa's pet project and educated negro but ironically, he turned against them. Nobody predicted the revolutionary force he would possess. He rose from nowhere and with the formation of the CPP, Nkrumah changed the face of colonial resistance against the British. Rather than waiting for a formula, we should all join hands and see how we can avert this impending doom. Believe it or not, we can burn that bloodthirsty vampire in Etoudi without WAR. UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE FALL AFRICA MUST UNITE
We were also taught in SASSE to stand firm in our beliefs and not to change our views every time to please people. Ironically Simplice, you lack this quality but you went to SASSE. Strange!
Deutsch, please don't pay any attention to what Rexon says. He is a propagandist and propaganda is what he does best. He is already started rumors to tarnish your image and brand you as "evil". Just ignore him, he is an attention-seeking monster and the best way to fight his propaganda is to ignore the FOOL.
Well, well, well, our self-proclaimed moderator, Simplice, is back again flexing his morals this time to champion for free speech. Surprise, surprise
Atangha, financial aid is bad way of trying to end the economic mess in Zimbabwe. Only naive people think that Western aid helps Africa. It is nothing more than an accounting device. Immediately as they hand out this money to Africa, the interest rate starts to multiply. The interest rate multiplies every month and Africa ends up paying 100 times more than they were given. If the British want to really help Zimbabwe, they should stop the sanctions and enforce free trade between the E.U and Africa. This would never happen so don't rely on the British. However, this is not our argument. Everybody has already accepted that the West shares responsibility for Zimbabwe's economic mess. Our argument is, should Mugabe equally be blamed for the ordeal in Zimbabwe? Kumbaboy has already contradicted himself in this argument about a million times and my guess is, he will continue to.
Deutsch, it is very good to see people like you on this forum who are fighting for the progress of the entire Cameroon and not just a specific group of Cameroonians. Deutsch, we need more people like you and hope you make it a habit to come here everyday and contribute your ideas. ONE LOVE UNITED WE STAND UnitedstatesofAfrica
Kumbaboy, wonders shall never seize. You avoid the core of the argument and flip flop into unrelated arenas to obfuscate us. You are now talking about British beef( for what reason, I don't know), Lancaster House agreement, Falkland wars and the list goes on. Let us stick the the main argument. We have all accepted the part the West played in Zimbabwe's plight. Should Mugube equally share the blame for Zimbabwe's economic mess? that was the argument. This time Kumbaboy, stick to the saubject.
surprise surprise, the chameleon Simplice is changing his colors and switching sides again. In Zimbabwe, the president is from which tribe? the shona. The majority of the people in the Zimbabwean government are from which tribe? the shona. The richest black in Zimbabwe are from which tribe? the shona. Need I say more? isn't it clear why Mugabe is still in power today after more than 27 years?
Just when I thought Kumbaboy could not sound anymore confused, alas he jumps back in and sounds even more confused than ever. I am tired of talking. Kumbaboy, I will use your own words to prove my point that you are a confused man who doesn't know what he wants to argue about "The Shona – Mugabe’s ethnic group makes up over 75% of the population. Within this ethnic group lies the caucus of Mugabe’s core support. Now, you can see why he has easily won all past elections despite reported irregularities and his party is set to win again in March 2008!"- Kumbaboy Now listen to Kumbaboy again, "As long as the majority of Zimbabweans continue to elect him then who are we to say otherwise?"- Kumbaboy You admit that he gets into through power through corrupt means in one write up and then in another, you say we should not question Mugabe's competency because he is elected on legitimate means? Kumbaboy, I have one word for you: CONFUSED!!!!!
Watesih, you are a genius. You have brilliantly captured Kumbaboy's confusion in this argument. He can't seem to make up his mind on what he wants to argue about. He keeps talking about the "Politics of food". Kumbaboy, how many times will I tell you that I used the metaphor of food as an allegory? do you know what an allegory is? scroll up and read the context in which I talked about the allegory of food. This only goes to show your confusion.
And as for Simplice, you keep calling yourself "The student". Well, I hope you graduate from school pretty soon and take a firm stand. This flip-flopping of yours does scratches away your authenticity.
Kumbaboy, can you please go back an read the context in which I made the statement "whiteman to be kicked out". I made it when I was talking about Africans drawing up strategies for progress.I was referring to kicking the white man out of our strategy-making. I am not surprised that you take things out of context, that is what you have been doing through out this argument. You indirectly selected some of Mugabe's flaws in one of your previous write-ups yet your mouth is too heavy to admit that he has contributed to Zimbabwe's problem. Is that Universal justice? I don't think so.
Paulo Laurent, so you want me to state my real name and expose my identity on the internet? for what reason particularly? so that SCNC and Ambazonia feymen, con artists, asylum seekers, beggers and ice-cream sellers like you in America cans steal my identity and use it for your fraudulent aims eh? nice try Mr. Laurent but I know all those tricks. Writing in bold letters does not make you any less of a fool than you already are ok? this poem had nothing to do with Ambazonia, Southertn cameroons, secession or those 3 wealthy men in America you have duped and eaten their money. This is a poem about someone's experience is the 1990's. Can you understand now? or do you want a tutor? Please, anybody who is sending money to this IDIOT, you better beware. He is a feyman who is using the SCNC as a way to steal your money. He is a feyman who is selling ice cream in America and uses feymanism to pay his bills. BEWARE, BE WARNED!!!!
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Kumbaboy, your mouth has become too heavy to admit that Mugabe equally shares the blame in Zimbabwe's economic mess because of your black supremacist tendencies. Note, black supremacy is just as bad as white supremacy. White supremacists like the KKK refuse to see any fault in their race and divert all their hatred on other races like the black race. You are doing the same thing here but then you criticized the British for treating blacks during the colonial era like second class citizens. In other words, you criticize British white supremacy tendencies but you nurture your own. What outright HYPOCRISY
Well, well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. The flexible Simplice is here once more, flexing his views and playing the role of mediator. Surprise, surprise.
Thank you Watesih, you took the words out of my mouth. Even if Mugabe remains in power because of his tribe, isn't that still corruption? isn't it corrupt to use your ethnic background to secure power? Kumbaboy is once again flip-flopping facts. He has gone from food, to Mugabe's war tactics, to his popularity, to British politics, even Gordon Brown and he keeps switching. Kumbaboy, we are not asking you for a history lesson. We are asking you to answer the questions we posed. If he is an African hero, why is he butchering his own people? what did he do with the lands he seized from the British? did he FAIRLY distribute it amongst the poor black masses? Note that word FAIRLY. Or did he keep them for himself and other members of cabinet? You go and scram portions of archaic history textbooks and you come here and obfuscate this argument. Answer the question and stop copying and pasting portions of textbooks on this forum
The comment was made by me Kumbaboy and not Watesih. Check your facts properly next time. That is something you haven't been doing through out this argument. Yes Kumbaboy, I called for the routing of the white man. That's very true. But you are gravely mistaken when you say I distance myself from the consequences.I didn't. If you scroll up and read my comments, you will see that I called for strategy. You kick out the white man when you have devised a better strategy that will enable you to survive without the white man's influence. You don't just kick out the white man when you don't have a survival strategy. You also went on a tirade against the comment I made regarding FOOD. You went on insulting Africans about their love for food. Mr. Kumbaboy, do you know what an allegory is? you have taken that statement out of context and now you are making yourself look foolish. scroll up and read the context in which that statement was made and you will realize that it was an allegory. I WAS COMPARING ONE SITUATION TO ANOTHER DUE TO THEIR SIMILARITIES. Kumbaboy you haven't answered the questions I posed.One of them was when Mugabe seized those lands from the white settlers, did he fairly distribute to the poor black masses? we all know the answer to that question. You dogged the question and went on flip-flopping facts to suit your flawed statements. The old tyrant took all the lands for himself, gave some to other members of his government and left the poor black masses frustrated. The black masses in Zimbabwe are living in abject poverty while Mugabe the tyrant is enjoying all the profits of the lands. Is that the definition of an African hero Mr. Kumbaboy? is he any different from the British he is criticizing? is he any different? please Kumbaboy, stop drowning in a sea of stupidity Kumbaboy, if you are infatuated about Mugabe and policies, why don't you go and settle in Zimbabwe. Go to Zimbabwe, settle there and I will see if you will still open your mouth and call Mugabe and African hero.
Well said Watesih did Mugabe become a freedom fighter to enslave his people? did he become a freedom fighter to butcher his people who were protesting for a more democratic constitution? when he seized the lands from the white settlers, did he give them to the masses? No! He gave these lands to himself and to other rich members of government. He embezzled all the profits and left the suffering masses without anything. The West are responsible for a lot of Zimbabwe's problems but to say that Mugabe should not share the blame is racist, biased, shortsighted, foolish and naive.