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Valerie Weller
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Sweet Jacqueline...I think I am in the same rabbit hole- can you see me down there? :D Well, you've really outdone yourself! These little purses are beyond adorable!! After your show is over, please let me know how much one would be. I'd love to purchase one, but want you to have enough for pipit! So in awe over your creativity and abilities! hugs to you... valerie (twig2neststudio)
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This is such an inspirational post! I am grateful to be able to share a little bit of what I do, and to learn about everyone else. It amazes me how many talented people there are! I love how we are so connected through our artistic beings~~ I tend to think of our artistic community much like the weave in a piece of fabric. Each thread is individual, yet it crosses over every other thread to create something beautiful & visual. I too want to be able to "pay it forward" as I grow into this "new path" that I am on. And I greatly appreciate you and people like KR for showing us the way! So- I am Valerie and I paint & create decoupage on glass. My decoupage glass is made with handmade paper, printed paper and words that I print on handmade paper to apply to the glass. I've been doing this on the side for years, but became serious about selling this past year. You can check me out at: I also have a fine art background and have been working lately on inspirational mixed media paintings. I'm just starting to post these at My dream is to develop more in this area and perhaps become licensed. Again- thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to learning about everyone else and sharing what is given!
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Nov 5, 2010