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Dear SaltLake Just look under the banner picture for SUBSCRIBE. If you are interested in human health issues only, then you can subscribe to our free monthly Global Health e-newsletter using
The Everyman campaign run by Institute of Cancer (ICR) found that 3/4 of men surveyed did not know that age, family history or race are the top risk factors for prostate cancer: the other 1/4 had no idea of any risk factors at all! And yet this is the cancer they are most likely to get. ICR is now undertaking the PROFILE study to see if family history and genetic profiling can be used to find men at higher risk of prostate cancer so they can be targeted for screening with the PSA test. This would lead to earlier, more accurate, diagnoses and better outcomes. Men between 40-69 with a family history of prostate cancer are invited to join the PROFILE study at