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Joanne, you are such an amazing woman and you have been through so much. You never asked for all of this but you have come through it and are still coming through it. I've wanted to ask for so long WHERE IS TOBEN?! But then I find myself thinking that it's none of my business. You deserve to have your family by your side. I'm so thankful that your parents are with you and I pray that everyone else in your family is able to heal and see past their own needs and for everyone involved to grow in love towards each other. I believe you can still all come out of this together. I'm praying that the biggest miracle of your story is still yet to come!
Sometimes a vertebrae can just be out in the shoulder area and cause all kinds of pain. She could have easily knocked that out of place when she fell. There is an incredible chiropractor in Denver who might be willing to come to Joanne if you explain the situation. She has a little hand held thing that she uses to make adjustments when people aren't able to lay on her table. Her name is Dr. Karen Cain. She saved my mom from having to have pins put in her spine. She also has saved many other people who were going to have surgery. She might really be able to help.
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Mar 1, 2010