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Wendy Slaughter
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ok ty hun -))) comment made know lol...what i was trying to say lol..i am looking for delica peyote patterns in artwork form...i have located 1 sight where i can purchase patterns..but, i feel like there has to be more sights...the sight i found is wonderful...her artwork landscape patterns use like, 87,000 beads per picture you weave off-loom...i would just like to find another sight besides hers and i can't-((((...ty sooo much
i am trying to find sights to but off loom delica peyote stitch artwork..patterns...i have only found 1 seller for what i'm looking for..she has amazins artwork pictures patterns that use like 87,000 beads...i just love them and r looking for more patterns to choose from;;;
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Jan 30, 2012