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Metro Milwaukee - Wisconsin
I help entrepreneurs be rock stars at work.
Interests: music, business, networking, people...
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I like the list. Just conducted a personal branding presentation last week along with two table topics on branding. At each gig the question came up, "Where and when do we use our personal brand?" Luckily I've been a brand strategist long enough I could rattle off a list, but how nice to have one posted! Glad you created this list so that I can pass it on.
Nice! I'm a fan of both Louises. :) And I agree with Kursmark's comment stating that a former recruiter or HR person may not be a good writer. The key word here is WRITER. I've actually written resumes for many recruiters and HR professionals. They know what they want, but it can be hard to capture your own value on paper. Hence, our help is needed. I think it's good to ask about the resume writer's experience level, type of clients he or she works with most, and more importantly, ask about RESULTS. If a resume looks pretty and gets no results, who cares? Check out success stories, letters from clients, and LinkedIn profiles for endorsements. LinkedIn profiles are awesome, because they cannot be altered by the person who receives them. My background? Recruiter - and reporter. I've got a degree in journalism. :) You can check out my LinkedIn profile here: A good post and great comments.
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