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Aug 12, 2013
The storm is now moving the ice in a circular pattern around the pole. The effect is that it seems to push ice to the southern borders of the ice shield where it will melt faster - though I suspect much of that movement in fact being ice melt because the center is thinning very fast. A secondary effect is that a lot of old ice is being pushed into the Atlantic between Greenland and Spitzbergen in a much faster way than normal, a movement, that goes all along the northern coasts of the canadian arctic islands and Greenland. This might result in an opening of the M'Clure Strait of the North West Passage within a couple of weeks. But the most impressive effect of the storm for me is, as I first mentioned, the fast and circular movement of a big area of the arctic ice cover. I carefully guess we are now at the beginning of a bigger flash melt from Franz Josef Land up to the siberian See that might - or not might - include some ice area close to the north pole. My prediction is, though this season won't see any new record lows, that it will be between the lowest 4 (2007, 08, 10, 11) that have all been close calls regarding the Sea Ice Area. So, not really a recovery...
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2013 on Third storm at Arctic Sea Ice
John, I'm still expecting a late but extended melting season. As days go by, I might be proven wrong. But I suppose one of the biggest impacts from that storm will be the stirring of deeper and therefore warmer and saltier water which will cause additional melting even if temperatures stay below average.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2013 on Third storm at Arctic Sea Ice
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Aug 8, 2013