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Hmm..i guess this is nice? I don't see how big an impact it will have though? Anyone can just go to and watch these episodes immediately anyway...
Better "Rankings"...the top 100 movies have been the same for ever now.
This has the potential to definitely become a "new age" thing. And yes, Netflix also should start supplying porn. Have it in some small lettering link at the bottom of the page or something if you're afraid of offending people who won't have anything to do with it and just want to be offened. Their profits would SKY ROCKET.
Connect to TiVo hopefully...
In related news, 67% of Blockbuster customers are idiots.
Yeah its an interesting read but they need "new rankings" like "popular for the month" or week or w.e...the list hardly ever changes.
Netflix, hook up with TiVo! You both need eachother!
I would like to use "Watch Now" but frankly, i hate the idea of sitting at my computer for 1.5+ hours watching a movie on a not that large screen....then i have to sit up the entire time...It's much easier to just watch the movie on the couch/in bed. Now if Netflix teamed up with Tivo like someone said earlier, that would be a great thing.
Sent back "Farce of The Penguins", "Darkness" and "Cache"...its been hard with other movies but i've been able to stick through them.
If this become fact, then I hope this will soon mean we will be able to download movies from Netflix onto our TiVo since TiVo now has the deal going on with Amazon.