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Ivo, that exhibit was two years ago and all the work was shipped to the gallery ahead of time (except for a few who were able to hand deliver). I only had to pick up one artist from the airport. I am currently in the beginning stages of curating another exhibit that I will try to find venues for. Three of the four artists who will be in it were in the Oklahoma City exhibit, too. The tour will coincide with the publication of a book that is being written about us by Dr. Sandra Sider. Thanks for your interest! If you want to know more about what I am doing, you can find it at my website. Jill Rumoshosky Werner
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Mar 15, 2010
Yes, she spent all the money she made working at Chanel on dead fish that she bought in Chinatown. Apparently, this went on for years until her husband developed health problems from it. My husband loves me, but I don't think he'd live with 5,000 dead and decaying fish.
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Linda, they did leave their names and email addresses in the gallery's guest book, but I'm going to have to drag out my husband's microscope in order to read the writing. If I can, maybe I can get a jump on the tabloid media and know the name of the 11th Dr. Who. Pam, the theme music would be perfect! BTW, I spotted four new cows beaming up on the itty bitty version of your Alien Abduction quilt. Do you think...???
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Thanks, Caroline!
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Alyson, thank you so much for bringing attention to this problem. I've tried all the tricks you've suggested and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Many times, I've only learned about the name change after the publicity has already gone out. This occurs so frequently that I always write a note on my entry forms to please use all three names, but it still doesn't seem to have much effect. Barbara, I totally agree about high end shows being the worst name changers, particularly shows at museums. I even had a problem with this last Fall at a local art museum (one that Alyson knows quite well). In every case this has happened to me, multiple written and verbal requests to various people were required before they got the message and sometimes, that still hasn't been enough. It's nice to know I'm not the only person having problems with this!