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Brilliant idea! I'm going to use the lid on the marker song with my kids. I am constantly findng poor little dried out markers around my room!
This is brilliant! I will definitely have to get this made up (and I'm looking forward to doing some scribbling!!) My class has been introduced to "Library Books" and they definitely need a lesson on how to treat them when they go home!
I've been lurking around your site for the past hour or so. First, thank you for the fantastic ideas for problem solving, and I love your developmental centres. I'd say try to incorporate that into the new format as much as you can because they are so beneficial to a child's social development and vocabulary. I teach in Scotland, and I have several children whose first language isn't English. I find the play-based learning (or "active learning" as they like to call it here) is vital to EAL pupils and they really benefit from pretending and imaginative play. This notion has been so successful and has gone so far as being implemented in (the equivalent of) Grade 6 classes!
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Sep 25, 2011