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It's a nice gesture, but I don't think the market really cares, so why try? I am one of those who kind of buys in to the Trump, trade agreements, semi - protectionism stuff, but the reality is our country has fell behind and we need to get our act together. Symbols and promises are nice, but we really do need to be able to compete globally, and I think it's time to let the manufacturing ship sail. Those days are gone. There is hope with manufacturing if we focus on highly skilled manufacturing, services and technology. But we're lagging when it comes to those important factors. I admit, that I'm biased because I work for a competitor, but Walmart should focus on getting it's business right, competing in the right markets/segments (e-commerce), and delighting it's customer, or else they'll just be another big, slow, traditional American company that couldn't keep up. Maybe they should take some advice from Ford. I guess it's possible that this could work, but history, our politicians and regulators, and our education system suggest that it won't.
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They don't need union representation, they need to be paid. This doesn't feel right because he adds a alot value (aka money) into the pockets of Ohio State then he doesn't get paid, so it's not right to affect his pocket book. If he were paid the logic would be different. He's paid what he's worth, he makes a mistake and he gets penalized. If the union could get him paid then you're right.
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Sounds like you feel, about Bill Simmons, like I do about Colin Cowherd. Colin hasn't gone as far as Bill, but I see a lot of similarities.
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Apr 10, 2012