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Dano Westen
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Wow--from the comment back Jess, you made the right decision. Support and love should be the key ingredients in a friendship--it doesn't sound like this person has much of either. Sorry for your loss, D
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Jul 29, 2010
Miss, life is a crazy thing that just when you get comfortable or think you have it all figured out, it can turn you upside down, inside out and drop you on your nose. I think more than just about anyone I know, I feel such a connection with you because of our shared experiences and trials over the last 13 months. You have shown me a person that is questioning everything and in the same breath, giving herself answers and bits of wisdom that truly are inspiring to me. Your brother, as I've said before, was so in awe of you. Not only because you were his little sis, but because of the person you had become as you grew up. He showed me a level of respect and love for someone else that I'm not sure I've ever witnessed a sibling possess. Guilt is a horrible beast that feeds itself life through our unanswerable questions..."what if I had, or if only I didn't or did..." and we are forced to try and extinguish the flames it burns us with any way we can. But the truth comes with acceptance and time. Knowing what you were to your brother and he to you will allow you to smother the guilt and replace it with loving memories. You are an amazing person that has had unthinkable trials to deal with in such a short time and you shine brightly through it, more so than most could even hope to. I know, because I have shared like trials and it is almost impossible to think you can ever come out the other side and see the light again...we can, we will and we are! Love to you, Dane
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Jul 29, 2010