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I'm typically all for getting everyone at the table, but I would be hesitant to have everyone in the same model all the time. Here are some points that come to mind: - How would we know what was finished and ready for coordination and what was still in progress. Everyone always pointing out every error sounds like there would be a lot of time wasted thinking about things that are in-progress - It helps to be able to split projects and project teams into manageable pieces. You dont want everyone to be able to edit everything. - What would be the benefit of having everybody working in the same model? I see the benefits of being able to combine models for coordination, but not necessarily for workflows. - A very highly sophisticated method of controlling access and ownership would be needed. Also, sophisticated communication systems would need to be in place to manage interactions between different team members in the model. This is a good discussion, lots of interesting ideas come out of this...
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on The Building Model(s) at Inside the Factory
We were also experiencing this problem on a Windows 7 pc with the Wacom driver installed. We were able to figure out that if you disable the Windows Tablet PC Input Service from the System Configuration there is no more crashing, even with the TabletServiceWacom service running.
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Mar 17, 2011