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Truth be told, a helping hand should ALWAYS be the 1st protocol, not the exception and that is why shelters need revamping from the ground up. As for some theoretical " the same woman coming in with a box full of puppies every six months"... have you gone to a shelter to find a puppy? Fat chance you will find one! Many shelters clamor to get pups, even shipping in from out of area, and when they do arrive, there is a long waiting list of those wanting puppies. Many do not want dogs surrendered because of behavior problems or unknowns that can be risky for families. No-kill strategies help owners retain their dogs and cats by offering re-training and behavioral advice and support for owners having such problems. Stand outside a shelter and just try to see anyone bring a litter of puppies. And if they do, the price set will be quite high for them at the shelter. Writing about nearly non-existent scenarios and stereotypes does not help educate, it only takes away from real issues and real solutions. Stop daydreaming and start writing about REALITY.
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Oct 6, 2010