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Folks, the crowd was mellow for most of the show. A lot of us (me included) sat through almost the entire concert. And that was OK. The first real stand-up-and-boogie number was the "If It Makes You Happy" sing along . . . 'tho "There Goes the Neighborhood" from earlier in the set rocked. The "Gasoline" melody is better than the song's lyrics, even if you agree with the sentiment -- kinda like Don Henley on his high horse. I thought her band was tight and professional. It seemed like they wanted to cut loose but were restricted by the material. I wonder if the rehearsals and sound checks have more muscle. No surprise that they lit into "Higher Ground" with a vengeance. Again, I'm not criticizing the crowd or the artist. Some of her new songs worked well, even though I had not heard one of them played on the radio before the show.
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2008 on Review: Sheryl Crow at Back to Rockville
So . . . Thunderstorms are expected Thursday night at Starlight. Seems like the stage area is open to the elements. What's the protocol? Or is this a "Rain or Shine" situation?
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2008 on On the way: Sheryl Crow at Back to Rockville