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Roger von Oech
Interests: Masters swimming, reading history and science, movies, design, travel
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Which one of your six points do you think is least likely to happen (i.e., least confident in)? Nice analysis BTW. Also, did you post this on G+? If so, what was the reaction there?
So, Chloe is joining Larsen Jensen as a SEAL after 2012? ;-) According to the video, Mark Schubert gave Chloe a second chance. Will US Swimming give Mark a second chance, or had he simply run out of chances? Mel, whatever happened to Schubes?
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Mar 15, 2010
Nice post, and a lot to think about. I'd forgotten about Nisbett's distincts (I remember they were a big deal a few years ago). I'll check out your other shift stuff!
Also, you need to change your bio detail on the upper left of your blog now. But as a PR pro, you already know to "sweat the details"!
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Good move, David. I bet Belinda and the boys are thrilled as well. Maybe Edelman will have you replace Tiger in the Accenture ads. It's about time for a social media icon to come to the fore!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2009 on I'm Joining Edelman at Logic+Emotion
I'm glad you have both a sense of history, and also the ability to see that the dynamics of what's going on today aren't unprecedented. As Homer Simpson or Mark Twain or some such sage once put it: "History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme."
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