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What Hands Are For
San Bernardino
If I knew it was gonna be that kinda party I woulda stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes.
Interests: Major chords, minor chords, chromatic noise, slow songs, loud songs, The Tropic Rot, Beggars, Sex, Vodka, Beer, Whiskey, John Travolta, Rum, Tequila, Stone Brewery, The Argument, Repeater, Blue... Anything Blue, Red too, Pinkerton, Meeting our meat, still eating meat anyway, Popsicle, moonshine, death
Recent Activity
Ian MacKaye has been quoted saying he doesn't understand the genre "EMO" because it is short hand for emotional and all music has emotion. Fine, Ian, point gained, but the fact of the matter is the word has garnered enough connotations to out do 80's Metal in the history of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2010 at What Hands Are For
summer summer summer... There has not been one day of you my tummy has not met some sort of alcohol. Not that this is something that I am patting myself on the back for... I just can't remember when I last DIDN't drink... and my heart beats a little faster... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2010 at What Hands Are For
holy shit I've been responding to the dumbass first memory of the computer question with bullshit about The Book Thief and DUIs.... christ... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2010 at What Hands Are For
within the last month 3/5ths of the band wasn't able to drive due to DUI's or suspended licenses... And we thought the D.A.R.E. commercials were lame Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2010 at What Hands Are For
So, the first word of Beowulf is "SO" and it's pretty epic, so I've become accustomed to starting my paragraphs with it. We just opened this deal, and hope to have something entertaining for you egg and sperm donors of all ages. Right now I'm reading a book, that surprisingly you can get at TARGET?, called "The Book Thief" and it is this charming and debilitating drama about a little girl growing up in Germany at the start of Double U Double U 2... no she's not Jewish... and it is this wonderful time machine back to your own childhood that shines a light on the choices you've made in the smallest ways, and the person you have become because of it... and you realize these things as Leisel realizes these... anyway... thats how I'm gonna start the WHAF blog...with a half assed book review of a book I'm only 1/5 of the way through. Also... Vodka Grapefruit is the seasonal choice for hangover causes... so... get on it...and we'll go slaughter some Grendels later Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2010 at What Hands Are For
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Jul 5, 2010