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Interests: currently reading "What's Right with Islam" by Feisal Abdul Rauf
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Well, here is one more story you will never see on Loonwatch.
You have come a long way.
"Since the scientific method is at one's disposal to help verify the genetic characteristics of a people, it is not difficult to ascertain who the pretended Rohingya are and wherein they originated. The exponents of new-fangled ideas about the ancestry of fictive Rohingya are expected to trade upon the 21st century DNA technology and vindicate their claim so that the individual hereditary characteristics of self-styled Rohingya are determined whether the exponentially proliferated Muslims in the Rakhing state Bengali in flesh or Arab in blood." - Rohingya Hoax by Maung Tha Hia Show us the DNA evidence, and we'll back off. Otherwise, this is a hoax, and yet another example of Muslims lying, and appropriating things that don't belong to them.
The Fearsome Foursome.
That is interesting, but until I see confirmation in a medical journal I am going to assume this is a hoax.
I could be wrong, but I am unaware of an occurrence of Kuru outside of Papua New Guinea. The source for this story is coming from foreign TV news casts, not medical journals.
You will notice that the incubation period for Kuru can be as long as decades. I am very skeptical of this story.
This story isn't real. Loonwatch fodder.
The word "community" is being used to divide, not unite.
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Here's the video from the "Q".
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I have to agree, Mr. Hunt. Let's hope Tommy Robinson breaks away from the Quilliam Foundation soon.
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Ban the Brotherhood!
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I am writing to you to express my alarm over Walmart's firing of Terry Earsing at the insistance of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations. CAIR is the Hamas lobby in this country; they are jihadis. CAIR was formed out of the "Palestine Committee" in North America. On page 14 of this captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document entered into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation you can see the Palestine Committee was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas. Here, you can see CAIR is a "working organization" of the Palestine Committee. (page 6) The current Executive Director of CAIR, Nihad Awad participated in the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting which was a summit meeting of Palestine Committee leaders in this country, and was a reaction to the signing of the Oslo Accords by their competitor Yasser Arafat, and his Fatah origination. During that meeting, which was secretly recorded by the FBI, Nihad Awad spoke saying that one of the goals of their group should be "to explain the legality of the opposition led by the Islamists." (page 190). In the context of the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting "Islamist" means Hamas. Despite having asked the attendees not to use the word Hamas at the meeting (page 61), there are 22 instances of the word "Hamas" in the transcript of the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting, and 16 instances of the term "jihad" in the context of an armed insurgency. There 35 instances of the term "derail" used in the context of interfering in US foreign policy, i.e. the Oslo peace process, that is, preventing peace, and engaging in jihad. There is a recurring theme at the 1993 Philadelphia Meeting of "deceit", "camouflage", "lying", using their organizations, and charities as "cover"s, or "front"s for the work they want to "hide". Less than a year later, CAIR was formed by two of the participants at the 1993 Meeting, Nihad Awad, and Omar Ahmed. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. They have tried twice to have their name removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list, and have been rebuffed both times. Read the ruling of presiding judge Jorge Solis starting at page 15. Read the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Review the evidence for yourself. The decision to fire Mr. Earsing is Walmart's, however, it should be understood that when dealing with CAIR, one is dealing with agents for Hamas.
The 2002 Ms World Pageant - A total of 88 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown, several contestants boycotted the pageant in protest for the death sentence by stoning determined by an Islamic Sharia court to Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman accused of adultery. Despite the increasing international profile the boycott was garnering in the world press, the contest went ahead in Nigeria after being rescheduled to avoid taking place during Ramadan, with many prominent nations sending delegates. Osmel Sousa of Venezuela, one of the world's most influential national directors, famously said "there is no question about it (the participation of Miss Venezuela in the contest)." The trouble did not end there, however. A ThisDay (Lagos, Nigeria) newspaper editorial suggesting that Muhammad, would probably have chosen one of his wives from among the contestants had he been alive to see it, resulted in inter-religious riots that started on 22 November in which over 200 people were killed in the city of Kaduna, along with many houses of worship being burned by religious zealots. Because of these riots, the 2002 pageant was moved to London, following widely circulated reports that the representatives of Canada and Korea had withdrawn from the contest and returned to their respective countries out of safety concerns. A fatwa urging the beheading of the woman who wrote the offending words, Isioma Daniel, was issued in Nigeria, but was declared null and void by the relevant Saudi Arabian authorities.
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Yasir Qahdi is, of course, well known. Here he is defending Hitler. Qadhi and Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab Qadhi and "Undercover Mosque" Qadhi and Feisal Abdul Rauf.
More T-shirts!
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That was not free speech. That was a pillorying. Tommy Robinson is getting rock hard.
Yonas Fikre is another product of the Masjed-as-Saber, also known as the Islamic Society of Portland. According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, “Since the mid-1990s, the Portland mosque has been a center of significant radical fundamentalist activities.” The ICP’s imam, Shiekh Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye, fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and is a founding director of Global Relief Foundation, a charity sanctioned by the federal government in December 2001 for financing Al-Qaeda. The federal government wiretapped conversations revealing that Kariye gave $2,000 to each of seven Portland Muslims to go to Afghanistan to fight U.S. forces alongside the Taliban. They traveled to China, hoping to reach the battlefield through Pakistan. One of those involved said that Kariye preached that Muslims are obligated to fight U.S. forces overseas. Fikre’s mosque was also attended by Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Somali who sought to set off a bomb during a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony in 2010, an event where 10,000 men, women and children would be gathered. A "casual acquaintance" of Mohamud who also attends the mosque, Michael Migliore, was also placed on the no-fly list after visiting the United Kingdom. Two other ICP attendees, Mustafa Elogbi and Jamal Tarhuni, were also placed on the list after going to Libya.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2013 on Hamas-CAIR Sues the FBI at Atlas Shrugs
The bus ads are a product of the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) From the SeaMAC website - MORE BILLBOARDS CENSORED In a disturbing repeat of Seattle events, twenty-three billboards in Los Angeles calling for an end to US military aid to Israel were first put up, then censored and taken down. On June 11, the New Mexico-based Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel had twenty-three billboards erected in Los Angeles and surrounding cities with the message "Tell Congress: Spend our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military" over an American flag background. The billboards were contracted to run for four weeks. Photo at Just one week later the billboard company--CBS Outdoor, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation-- took all the billboards down. The billboard company said they were canceling the contract and refunding the money because "your organization has used the ‘CBS Outdoor’ name without permission" in email messages and in a petition thanking CBS for putting up the billboards in the first place. A similar campaign by local Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) was censored in almost exactly the same way in April 2011. One week after several billboards went up in the Seattle area with the slogan “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PALESTINIANS – Stop Funding the Israeli Military”, Clear Channel Outdoor, the billboard company, announced that it was canceling the contract and taking the billboards down. At the time, Olivia Lippens, president of local Clear Channel, confirmed that objections from unnamed “groups and individuals” caused Clear Channel to “re-evaluate”.
This is awesome.
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Thank you so much for this, RalphB!!
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Why is Alex Seitz-Wald still a columnist at Salon? Alex Seitz-Wald seems to be endorsing the Goldstone Report at his blog. The Golstone report is so bad even Goldstone has distanced himself from it. Why is Alex Seitz-Wald still a columnist at Salon? "Alex Seitz-Wald is the Assistant Editor of at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. " Well, that explains a lot. ThinkProgress writers collaborated with Muslim Brotherhood member Wajahat Ali's "Fear, Inc." which is Muslim Brotherhood propaganda. Alex Seitz-Wald has repeatedly given voice to the Hamas lobby CAIR which is a "working organization" of the Palestine Committee (page 6) "Hopefully, this campaign can start to demystify Islam by taking the edge out of the scariest word in the religion and making jihad as quotidian as going to the gym. That’s Rehab’s jihad, what’s yours?" Why is Alex Seitz-Wald still a columnist at Salon? Could it be he has the proper politics?