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Amarula was that tasty milkshake treat that I used to steal from my parents fridge at the ripe age of 13...I knew it was alcoholic....that's why I stole it hahaha I love that there is an underlining charity attached to it though, these are the type of things I am exploring for 2014 posts. This boozy drink looks flipping tasty!! Adelle x
Well that's friggen simple then isn't it?! You pay 50c for a jar from the op shop, I can imagine this being a really cute DIY for brides to be who want to pay less for decorations. I am linking up with a bride magazine this month for really simple DIY's to save money on wedding centerpieces...I won't be copying this idea but it's still a really great one to try out! Adelle :)
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2013 on Frosted Mason Jar Votives at A Beautiful Mess
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Dec 17, 2013