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Oh, and what a cool contraption he has there. I think so many Chinese people are very creative, working with what they have and making it work in some useful (I'm sure not always safe) way. I admire that about their culture, especially the older generations, older ones. Do you think they'd let me walk around downtown Winston selling sweet potatoes out of that thing? NO. Their loss :) ~Rachel
Delish!! The pic of him looking over his shoulder was funny. He looks kind of poor, I felt bad for him for some reason. Me & Izzy just ate slow roasted sweet potatoes last night for dinner. I can't believe the amazing foods you can get there, so healthy, so tasty and so CHEAP! Chadwick was saying that he loves this street vendor who has skewers of fresh meats with loads of fresh veggies and you pick a few skewers (average $0.25 each) and they fresh grill it for you right there.
I'll keep my fresh air AND my "uncivilized" urinating, thank you very much. Poor poor sensitive trash can, I can't believe I can feel sorry for an inanimate object :) I think the "Pls don't make confused noises when chanting" was my favorite. I really wanna know what that sign was meant to say in Chinese. Before you explained who was on the big sign on the side of the bldg, I was like "IS that 2 dead presidents and STEVE CARRELL???" I wonder if he knows his strong jawline and big ol nose is being used as a representation of America. If only they knew the characters he's portrayed. I literally was in PAIN I was laughing SO hard at the signs from that grocery store. I would shop there JUST to read the signs. HOW did you not end up on the floor in the middle of the store rolling with laughter (and a civilized way of course)??? I feel like a lot of what they say when they are describing a product makes me feel like someone's trying to hypnotize me or send subliminal messages or something. It borders on creepy. Was it supposed to be Golden EGG Corn Oil maybe?? Cause otherwise I can't see how 'embryo' is in any way shape or form connected with corn. They don't even consume corn in China do they? I suppose me trying to make sense of it is a lost cause :) SO HAPPY you posted entertaining, I hope we get to see the grocery store signs for ourselves with our own eyes one day soon maybe!!!!!!
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Nov 6, 2012
That last video of the gentleman in the music shop was fantastic---he had a terrific voice. It was nice to see someone showing heart in a way we can relate to---and as a personal bonus I think I understood quite a bit of what he said in the song!! I also did recognize the accent---sounds familiar like certain ppl I talk to quite often :)
The second video reminded me (and probably others) of pretty much any local community performance of any one of Shakespeare's popular works---usually performed in a local park....for free....and always with lots and lots of heart :)
I actually liked the woman's voice and singing in the first video. I think if it was one OR the other---music OR singing and NOT BOTH it would be more bearable. On the other hand, I feel very excited to know that apparently my music skills are up to par with Chinese street performers---I shall be slightly famous when I visit :)
"Nengbuneng zheyang zuo" had me *crying* laughing---then when Jason started to explain how his 3 FULL arm extensions far outweighed the other guys oh so lame 20 half extensions...then went to the kids slit pants I was peeing myself!!!!!!!
Oh! And save some of your "stick people" drawings and maybe make a post of those one day---that would be super cute & least I think it would be...that's not saying much though ha ha :)
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The building is NICE---super modern looking and lots of cool artsy designs everywhere! Awww, the couple in the picture look so sweet---the woman is adorable...I know this is crazy---but for some reason she reminds me of a Chinese version of Kirsten Bauer---Desiree's friend....NM, remember??? Lol :) Anyway---it's not just that Jason's using the technique's he learned, HE himself is a VERY good teacher, a natural. And he's not afraid to look stupid....that is always an endearing quality, right??!
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Re: The street dancing..... You know I would love to be there doing that every night. It looks like so much fun! (Teri) Re: The street dancing..... So it's not true that it's all work and no play for the chinese!? We ought to start that here! Us and the cows! (Mom)
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Sep 15, 2012
From MOM: Mind Act Upon Mind............"well, now we know where their brains are"!!!! hehehehehe
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Mom and I read this together and are so happy you have such sweet friends to take care of you. Glad that you are getting your chinese version of the "dirt" (probiotic) in the natural form!!!
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That is one of the sweetest things EVER! Not only thoughtful and kind, but creative & unique. Give that friend a big hug from me :)
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I am SO jealous...just this morning I woke up, stretched, and as I rubbed my eyes I said to myself "Rachel, what you need for breakfast is some Pig's Giblets Congee". I was so sad when I went to the fridge and realized we didn't have any. So I was forced to eat some disgusting scrambled eggs with salsa *ugh* and a mango-banana smoothie....*sigh* :)
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What did you eat at that place in Hong Kong? Do you even remember at this point - wondering what Jason was drinkin too---prob tea?
I love the picture of you & Nana "kissing" goodbye through the glass! I also love the "squat" picture - you gotta tell the story behind that. Where the little Chinese boy who was on your plane was giving you pointers :)
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Aug 18, 2012