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As for the less (content) is more (money) Porsche has often sold versions of their cars that at higher cost came without heaters, AC, radios, and carpeting, and so on. Some people want the experience of a raw unintermediated machine that will do whatever you tell it even if it all goes terribly wrong, some people want comfortable transportation. But in that case the increased cost is (somewhat) understandable. The had to pull the car out of the normal manufacturing process, and thus incurred higher labor costs. And this was done to increase utility; 911 Club Sports and the like have the creature comforts removed to make them lighter, faster and more competitive. That people bought/valued them for other reasons is at fact about which Porsche is very happy, but ultimately they aren't produced to cater to an aesthetic. From a purely price/performance standpoint, Porsche is the Canikon of the supercar world, capable of running with more expensive "prestige" marques while being fairly reasonable priced and offering down market versions. You'd have to look at your Paganis and Koenigseggs to find a piece of handbuilt, bleeding edge of performance, ridiculously priced piece of kit comparable to Leica. What's funny is this exact discussion occurs regularly on gun forums, as someone argues that the new Superbambislayer Tactical is capable of shooting .125 MOA out of a cold barrel, and placing all subsequent shots so accurately that they actually decrease the size of the hole, and that if you're serious about hunting/competition/defending your yard you have to own one. And then someone points out that the Superbambislayer Tactical is $5K, and the $500 Pipsqueak 5000 shoots almost as well, and that there's nowhere near a 10x increase in performance for the 10x increase in cost, and that the increase has negligible real world impact for most shooters. At this point, the first guy says that the second guy is obviously a jealous, cheapskate n00b who doesn't care if his family is slaughtered in a weasel attack (which the Superbambislayer Tactical could have ended) and the conversation goes downhill from there.
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Jan 25, 2010