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Wonderful. Thank you. We all could use more brain function.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2016 on I Want My Brain...Better at I Want My Brain Back
You first item, "it works" is how we ought to look at all marketing. After all, influencer marketing is marketing. Many confuse it with selling but marketing at it finest is all about finding out what people want and fulfilling their desires.
Great advice. I"m glad I showed here today.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2014 on Just Show Up. at Blog
If I'm reading this right then two things: A) I'm with you 100% 2) I want to know how I cash in by joining them.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2013 on The Real Enemy is England at Dana Blankenhorn
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Smart marketer have always known that real human beings are the ones receiving, sharing and engaging with the messages we send. In the 20th Century, we got very good at spreading a message farther.. the race was to get the biggest transmitter, or later, to dominate a niche. After a while, the price got so high that forcing a message on people got tougher. Meanwhile, we've learned to ignore interuption marketing and ads. The 21st Century approach will be to LISTEN.. 2 ways communication has got to the point where you can get feedback on a mass scale. It's up to us to listen and love. (love here can mean something as little as "let them know you are listening" to "doing what you always knew was right by them") Smart marketers will get past counting traffic and eyeballs.. and measure how well them interact Listen and Love.. it's as simple as that
Thanks for sharing this video.. I watched it and then told all my friends about you
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Mar 24, 2010