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Chocolate "birthday" cake, specific to the way my mother makes it. When I was tiny I had an allergy to eggs... which made it difficult to have any kind of cake what-so-ever. In some crazy health food book my mother found a recipe for a cake without eggs that despite the fact that it calls for VINEGAR tastes fantastic. Coupled with the chocolate fudge icing, it's perfect. Fluffy, moist cake... dense fudge icing. The downside? The fudge icing is an art. Now after 30 years, we still don't really have it down pat. It depends on the weather (was it dry? snowing? raining?), it depends on whether you paid good attention to how long you beat it.... basically it's temperamental. The perfection point is literally a "seconds" window. Beat it too long and you're going to have hard little blobs on top of the cake rather than a nice smooth creamy icing that melts like butter. Don't beat it long enough and you're going to end up with something hard and crystalized that is nearly inedible. But if you beat it just right, nothing tops it! is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 12, 2010