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@WDF: Politicians are held accountable at every election. The Bengals, however, are held accountable by way our our financial decisions. The team sees no connection between playing hardball and squeezing every concession and dollar out of local taxpayers as possible and the fact that those taxpayers are also their customers. The difference that the Bengals enjoy, is that being a "fan" makes you forgive much easier because you are not a "real fan" unless you blindly support a team.
It was emailed to Gold Star's "eClub" members.
@TJ - the problems with the Bengals are much bigger than the HC. If Marvin goes, Mikey just goes out and signs some other sad sack who would do anything for an NFL head coaching job, including ceding all control to the Brown family and not getting any level of support. Not even Vince Lombardi himself could consistently win in Cincy. But, if Marvin stays AND is able to get more scouts, get the Brown family out of making player personnel decisions, build an indoor practice facility, then we are seeing some real LONG TERM change. So the decision is not just Marvin vs No Marvin, it is really three choices. A. Marvin and a lot of need changes B. Marvin and nothing changed C. Some other head coach Change is only going to happen with A, but I still think B is better than C because who knows which dope Mikey will bring in to replace Marvin.
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@JJJ- link fixed now.
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@ Mockenrue - great point. Do you think his success in NE was due to Belichick and the winning culture in NE and that forced Corey to change his ways? I worry that TO won't have the same motivation to get his act together when Chad is acting up on the other side of the field.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks Michael. Post updated. That's the kind of in depth research you can expect here at WDR.
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Sly, nice catch on JP Futon. While writing the article I predicted that I would misspell his last name but felt that his contribution to the team did not warrant my taking the time to look it up, so I have hence named him, "JP Futon." Or, something that is good enough in college, but once you get to the real world you get rid of it.
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I think he has always looked like a combination of his two idols, Carson and Geedy Lee from Rush.
Listen to Lance's show today on 1530 from 3-6pm to hear his comments on this story. Here is what Lance has confirmed - Things I'm told I talked with a major UC booster today concerning the Who Dey Revolution report linked below: "I can't tell you if the asking price for UC to play a game at PBS is five times the rate that other Big East Schools are paying at NFL stadiums. I can tell you that from 2002 when UC hosted Ohio State at PBS to now, it's a significantly different contract presentation from the Bengals.....much more aggressive on the Bengals part"