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"The beating heart of Facebook is the idea that you can connect with people who you otherwise would never know – never mind share ideas with – by way of something else you have in common." That's an admirable view of Facebook's potential. It generally seems to be used more as a virtual representation of your real-world, face-to-face social life - i.e. people don't accept friend requests from folks they don't know, unless they are using FB primarily as a broadcasting platform for their own content or brand or whatever else. This is the reason I always found Twitter more interesting - as aside from the interesting (but problematic) metrics and their meaning, Twitter can be aspirational. You can follow people you're interested in and communicate readily without them needing to follow yours. Since most people use FB as that reflection of their real social life, its not at all surprising that she unfollowed you. And it makes your tolerance all the more admirable. It's not a good thing that she has retreated into her bubble by one more step, it is sad to be sure, but - it is not a loss that you should be losing sleep over, I think. It's just people.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2012 on I'm Sad... at Click Nothing
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Sep 26, 2012