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Mar 15, 2010
Great job with the calculus of God's nature. With you all the way. I'm probably more concerned about those who distort God's nature by teaching that God's posture toward all humans is his wrath, than I am about those who teach too far in the other direction about God's love. Your teaching strikes me as being the right balance. However, I wonder if the dominant quality of God's nature toward us--the "starting point" of our understanding his posture toward us as humans--is neither his wrath nor his love, but rather his goodness. Justice leads to his wrath and condemnation based on the Law, and mercy leads to his love and forgiveness based on his grace, but both are acts of ultimate goodness. The Law is good, but only because it reveals our need for grace and a savior (who covers our sin so God's justice, which is good, is satisfied). I'm not going to wall for the idea (yet), but it seems that Genesis 1-2 could be an indication of God's basic posture toward his creation ("it was good" because he is good). I won't try to make the biblical case for that here, but just thought I'd throw it into the equation for consideration.
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