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(I'm just typing out loud). Thanks for the interesting blog post! I guess the only reason one even sets out to seek "nirvana" is to escape the harshness of the world. It is interesting how people in third world countries (parts of rural India or rural Mississippi?) seek more spirituality and religion based on the dire circumstances of their life. Poor health, sleeping in feces, annihilation of family members during war, etc. The only thing they can do is pray or meditate because that is the only "treatment" which may exist for them. Do you think people in the western world who have the luxury of writing blogs in the comfort of their own homes clearly get "bored" or turned "of" the Zen-ness and spirituality because they are not "miserable" enough? Perhaps because they just start taking for granted their comfortable positions and have nothing to "stress" about, so why not start analyzing spiritual scriptures? Nursing studies show that people of lower socio-economic statuses and chronic disease processes are more proned to "not question and analyze" spirituality and religion as much as those who are healthier (physically and mentally). So where does that lead one with Zen crap and/or enlightened wisdom?
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Mar 13, 2012