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I understood the 'Harper' came from the glossy mag. 'Harpers & Queen' - but even that sounds a bit upmarket for Mrs. Beckham.
Please enter me for (the) RNM/LCT/both set(s) of novels’ and add a further sentence or more telling me why you enjoy crime fiction. It is fiction which balances plot with characterisation and a decent amount of setting - when done well.
That just about sums it up I think
Sounds excellent!
I was a very similar bookish child and, not only did I go to the library very often, I even worked in one during a gap year and in university vacations. Yet, unlike most of my friends on Twitter yesterday, I cannot get too worked up about this issue. When resources are scarce something has to give and, to be honest, I would rather it were libraries than, say, social services. The coalition government has skilfully dumped the problem of allocating scarce resources onto local councils. I do not envy those who run these councils their task. Indeed I think this alone justifies some of them being paid more than the Prime Minister who has, in effect, passed the buck. I do not see libraries being used these days by younger people in the way we used them. They are a nice to have and I would hate not to have a local library but I would be more concerned if elderly impoverished people struggling on their own in cold homes were left totally uncared for.
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Feb 6, 2011