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To start an e-business, you have to decide what you want to sell. Actually, you can try selling different products and see what works. Now of course you need an e-commerce site. As we said in the last post, it is possible to set up a free e-commerce site, which is a good place to start. Let's say that you set your site is up and running and it works . You get lots of orders. Well you have to think how you will process them. You need to have payment systems in place so that customers can pay with credit cards. Then you also have to have a mailing system to take the orders, confirm payments and mail out the merchandise. I am just guessing but there must be companies that perform the mailing service, for a fee of course. Then of course you need to do maintenance on the site an business and keep it running, which involves managerial talents, decision, etc. Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Wide Body
I am interested in building an internet site and maybe an e-commerce site. A friend advised me that for $100, I can get web hosting for a year. The advantage of this is that it is completely my site and will have a .com internet address (URL) which makes a normal impression on future customers. It is probably a good investment. However, I just found a directory site that has information about building free sites, with free hosting, apps, etc. It is very tempting to use these free sites and maybe it would be worthwhile to start with this in order to get experience. It would sure help out to save the $100 because I am starting my business on a shoestring. Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Wide Body
Consider these options in more detail. With respect to the Internet may have gaps in protection - on the same site conditions of banks listed in the same notorious form of advertising for that these sites are, strictly speaking, and live. On Internet MyWebSearch message forums are often left the same bank managers, with ecstasy talking about that, they say, "recently made out a bank loan Z : no problems! and all very liked it! ". Another popular way to protect - is familiar, the newly profitable to issue the credit. In this case, we should not forget that your friend could be a completely different situation: the contribution he had, and the official salary is sufficient, and a positive credit history. The last option exercise - an appeal to "other girlfriend" who works in a bank. Typically, such service is a bear - will still pop up the same problems, and in front of deteriorating credit conditions. As a result, even if the loan is obtained by looking at the amount needed to pay the loan next month, a sense of "divorce" and mild aversion to the "friend", and "Friend" Regarding credit brokers This area of activity is very young, even for Ukraine and here, respectively, there are lots of pitfalls. The first - the so-called "black" brokers. There Help forge, and the bank turned a blind eye to the circumstances under which a loan is impossible in principle (eg, criminal record client). The main disadvantage - it can "throw". Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2011 at Wide Body
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