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Sarah, I almost spit my food out onto the keyboard reading that one. I can see you crashing into everything. Those darn carts are as big as a train and sound like one to boot.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2012 on shopping at Target® at Crappy Pictures
Gah. I had a comment but it looks like it deleted while the blog was logging me in. Here it is again... I almost missed the part about the ice cream. That is so me. I can't even buy the stuff because I de-stress eat a carton of it in a few days time.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.... Bottle in their bits and tummy bandages. Love it!
I truly LOL at that one SoccerMama777.
I'd probably knock on the wall and say, "Hey kids, can you please slide the comics under the door?"
I know I've read bottle backs when nothing else was available.
I had to smile at your comment Kia. It sounded like your husband wanted to sit on your lap while you pooped too. LOL.
All of this stuff is so totally true. I'm crying after reading this and my kids think I've gone mad.
I've heard of people carrying Post-it Notes in their purses to cover the sensors.
I laughed at that one too, Tarina.
I'm almost crying at the female bathroom part. That is so true!
It's not so much the seat as it is the rim below the seat. There in lies the biggest problem for little boys. The darned split in the seat allows for lots of gross build up on the rim and somehow poop splatters and other nastiness gets on the underside of the seat and on the rim as well. It's pretty gross!
You forgot the worst part -- the stupid split in the toilet seat. If the child sits like you and I would, their little legs go smack into the split thus touching the disgusting toilet seat rim. The best option is to have the child sit sideways on the toilet. If you are in the handicapped stall they can hang onto the bar -- just be sure to wash hands thoroughly afterwards. Oh, and yes for either boy poopers or girls you have to get one leg out of their pants so there legs aren't locked together.
This blog post and your comment, Adrienne, are why I have not been a big park goer. I always thought I was lazy, but now I think perhaps I am just smarter than some other parents. LOL. Also, I think what happens if I have to use the bathroom. I can't fit everyone inside of that disgusting and dark place.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on taking the kids to the park at Crappy Pictures
As it should be. :) It's the spirit of St. Nicholas that is so wonderful about Santa.
I am SO far from being creative, artistic, baker-talented, etc. However, between me and my husband we have managed to crank out a bunch of different cakes over the years. We have seven kids (just turned 1 to nearly 14) and have had no repeated cakes. It's a challenge I have given myself over the years. Initially I did make the cake itself from scratch but over time I decided there are many cases where boxed mixes are not only easier, but better, faster, and cheaper. As far as 'good for you' cakes go, I've never opted for a nutritious cake. That sort of defeats the purpose for me. I love my sweets! That said, for my b-day I prefer Angel Food cakes with strawberries and ice cream or Oreo Mint cookies + chocolate chip mint ice cream + chocolate syrup = Mud Pie. Yum! Oh, and I should add that my kids birthdays tend to come in clusters so I can relate to the pending birth + cake making. I have a 12/30, 1/1, 1/24, 2/22, 4/6, 9/30, and 10/3 birthdays in my family. HELPFUL CAKE MAKING LINKS for those who do want to bake but don't feel they have many talents in the decorating department: AND
Yes! Perfect point Jen. LOL.
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