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The weapon had a name. In personal life, there are many tools. But a tool of war that is given a personal name is one that has become a part of the life of the one who wields it. This is a weapon that the Lord of Universe has given the name rhema, then crafted a special copy for each of his Children. That thought is awe-inspiring.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2010 on Weapon of War at baldilocks
Well, even if I have seen the evidence of the history of sowing racial discord and could reproduce the outline for what you would say on the subject... (I think I have and I think I can...) It's something worth seeing again. At your leisure, of course, not at our demand.
negronova: The understanding I have come to is that the credit-craziness that was set loose with credit-default swaps, re-selling Mortgage-Backed Securities, etc., wasn't directly enabled by the CRA. But, the CRA was a necessary fuel for that particular fire. Keep in mind that the low interest rates provided by Greenspand & co. were another necessary fuel for that fire. If one or the other had been missing, things would have turned out differently. Like fire, the CDS/MBS interactions and the leveraging of assets was a fearsome servant that needed to be tamed. But when it became master, it was a terrible master.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2009 on This is His Moment (UPDATED) at baldilocks