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Wilde Sage
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"Complicates?" I don't think so. This is their way of keeping you from knowing how many movies you're "losing" each month.
No doubt Qwikster is a terrible name. Completely obscure, unidentifiable, sounds like a really bad splash page for an overnight corporation straight out of 1995. Everyone keeps saying "why doesn't it have flix in the name?" Obviously they're trying to distinguish this company from Netflix proper, plus they're not just delivering movies, they'll be doing games too, so it would be foolish to choose anything that mentions movies in the title. I don't care, though: I already stopped my dvds, and I won't be going back. I never watched them, they just sat on my shelf. At least the price increase spurred me to go ahead and stop them, I guess I should thank them for that.
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Sep 19, 2011